Cascade Loop’s Map That Hike Contest 

Get out of that vehicle and into the miles upon miles of absolutely gorgeous natural areas around the Loop AND enter to win a truly awesome prize!

How the Contest Works

In the App

  • Create an account
  • Before you head out on your hike, be sure you are logged into the app (while cell service isn’t needed for the app to run out of range, you do need to be logged in and for this, you need service)
  • Once at the trailhead, open the Outdoor Active App and click Tracking at the bottom of the screen 
  • Choose Hiking Trail from the Activity options
  • Click the Start button to start GPS’ing your hike
  • Mark specific locations along the way by taking photos using the app as you go (click the camera icon within the app) OR you can add them after you’ve saved your hike
  • All hikes must have at least one photo
  • Once the hike is complete, click pause and then name the hike, add a summary and click save
  • All hikes must have at least a small description
  • You can further edit your hike—adding photos or more information or simply be done
  • When you’re ready to publish your hike, click Publish


  • All of the hikes that are saved within our area will show up on the View Hikes Tab at the top of this page within the same day
  • At the end of the promotion (end of October) a winning hiker will be selected randomly and awarded the prize
  • All of the hiking data/contest submissions will become the property of the Cascade Loop and remain on our website for other hikers/travelers to use as reference and may be shared with our partners along the Loop. Hikers sharing their posts will be credited as the hike author
  • Hikes will be shared out on social media


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Gift Basket Items:


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