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  • Orientation: Plan, save, print & navigate routes
  • Participation: Rate & comment on routes, huts & lodgings
  • Saving: Download the route's GPX data for use with the outdoor navigation system
  • All Basic features
  • Customization: Special outdoor maps and trail networks for over 30 activities including hiking, mountaineering, biking, winter sports
  • Focus: Ad-free access
  • Offline Saving: Access to your routes and maps, even when there is no Internet
  • All Basic features
  • All Pro features
  • Expert-level maps with official details: IGN (France), Alpine Clubs (ÖAV, DAV), KOMPASS
  • Present: Embed routes, lists and other content on websites and blogs
  • 3D planning: use the interactive 3D model to get a bird's-eye view of the route
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€2.50 per month*
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Discover and plan using your PC and App   
Search, find and save routes by location, activity and level of difficulty
Plan, save and print your own routes
Rate, comment on and add photos of routes and locations
Download the GPX data of routes
Navigation function with speech output built into the app
Up-to-date information about the condition of the tracks, dangers and closures
Up-to-date avalanche reports with warning levels
Information showing terrain steepness
Ad-free access
Access your maps and routes in the app, even when there is no Internet
Offline navigation with speech output built into the app
Compile and sort your routes and destinations
Mark favorites on the map using "MyMap"
Create virtual flights along your own routes on the 3D map
Trail networks for over 30 activities including hiking, mountaineering, biking, winter sports and many more
View interactive 3D flyovers of all routes
Embed routes, lists and other content into websites and blogs without links
Detailed outdoor maps   
Global outdoor map from OpenStreetMap for summer & winter use
The uniquely prepared Outdooractive map with terrain and altitude information as well as marked highlights and places of interest
Satellite imagery
Digitized official topo maps
Official topo maps for Switzerland (Swisstopo)
Official Alpine clubs maps (ÖAV, DAV)
Official topo maps for France (IGN)
Premium maps from KOMPASS
Further benefits   
Discounts of up to 30% from our partners
Certified Premium Routes from KOMPASS, Schall Verlag and the ADAC travel guides

*The contract period for Pro and Pro+ is 12 months each and can be terminated annually. The costs are €29.99 (Pro) and €59.99 (Pro+) per year.


Being a Pro member gives you access to the Outdooractive and topography maps (including swisstopo) that contain accredited data. As a Pro+ user, you have the additional benefit of official maps from the Alpine Clubs and IGN (France). With terrain details that show altitude profiles and slope steepness, you will be the best-informed adventurer out there!

Relax. You're on the right path.

Discover the most beautiful routes for your adventure. As Pro and Pro+ members, you are able to display trail networks that have been specially optimized for different activities (hiking, mountaineering or mountain biking being examples) - perfect for planning your own unique trip!

No net? No problem with Pro!

Save your maps and routes offline using the Outdooractive App. That way you will be able to access the details of your trail and trip anytime, anywhere- whilst staying on track!

Offline navigation with Pro

Our navigation’s speech output enables you navigate with ease from A to B, which is particularly handy if you want to keep your smartphone in your pocket. By downloading the route and map beforehand, our Pro / Pro+ members can continue navigating through even the world's biggest dead zones.


With Pro and Pro+ you can gather all your adventures in one place by creating your own unlimited lists. Sort your routes by region or vacations and share them with your friends!

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"I mainly use the Route Planner, and thanks to the various maps (OSM, satellite, topographic mapa) and layers, you can get a good picture of the upcoming trip, especially in terms of altitude, distances and alternatives".

Erika, blogger for and a Pro user

"I love the huge choice of trips, including those in lesser-known places. I like to share my routes with other users and despite being a slightly older user, I found after a little practice that using the platform is really good fun".

Olaf, hiking guide and a Pro user

"As a tour guide and ultra marathon runner, I love this platform and would always recommend it for route planning and tips. With any recommendation it is important to me that it be completely authentic".

Carsten, tour guide and a Pro+ User

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