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  • Blick auf den Spitznack und die Loreley im Frühjahr
    Blick auf den Spitznack und die Loreley im Frühjahr
    Photo: Dominik Ketz, Romantischer Rhein Tourismus GmbH
m 300 200 100 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 km RheinsteigRast Burg Katz Grillhütte Bornich Spitznack Bornich Patersberg Spitznack
Rocky paths, fantastic panoramas, vineyards, quiet side valleys, close to the Rhine, a castle and of course - the Loreley as the starting point and highlight.
Distance 14.3 km
4:15 h
383 m
375 m
299 m
67 m
The Loreley extra tour offers everything in one loop that you could hope for from a round tour in the Middle Rhine Valley. In addition to the impressive panoramas of the Rhine, where the Loreley-Extratour runs parallel to the Rheinsteig, you can also experience the vastness of the high plateau and the quiet of the small stream valleys that flow into the Rhine.

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Recommendation for the daring: Above St. Goarshausen, the Rabenacksteig is a not too difficult via ferrata (can be done as a circular tour).
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Update: April 05, 2022
Highest point
299 m
Lowest point
67 m
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Rest stops

Bistro "Am mythischen Fels"

Safety information

General safety instructions:
  • Wear suitable clothing that is appropriate for the weather and protects you from cold and wet or heat and sun.
  • Plan your stages with appropriate breaks and use your strength sparingly.
  • Take enough liquid with you. Refreshments are not available everywhere.
  • Please put on hiking shoes that are suitable for the path, which will give you sufficient grip even on slippery and steep or rocky and uneven paths.
  • If you think that certain sections of the path are not accessible to you, then you should bypass them. Especially in adverse weather conditions, natural paths can be muddy and slippery.
  • In autumn in particular, it is important to note that the leaves lying on the ground can cover bumps, roots, stones or holes in the path. You have to reckon with path impairments of this kind when you go on a hike.
  • Particularly steep and clearly dangerous places are of course secured with railings or ropes. Please treat these security measures as such. Railings are intended as a fall protection and not as a climbing frame or lookout tower. Please treat these security measures as such. Railings are intended as a fall protection and not as a climbing frame or lookout tower.

Tips and hints

The implementation of this path was funded as part of the PAUL development program with the participation of the European Union and the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, represented by the Ministry for the Environment, Agriculture, Food, Viticulture and Forestry.

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: This is where Europe invests in rural areas.

Project sponsor:
Romantischer Rhein Tourismus GmbH

A leader project of the Local Action Group World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley in the funding period 2007 to 2013


St. Goarshausen, Loreley Visitor Center (184 m)
50.142012, 7.731966
50°08'31.2"N 7°43'55.1"E
32U 409392 5555190
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St. Goarshausen, Loreley Visitor Center

Turn-by-turn directions

The Loreley extra tour starts at the Loreley visitor center. There is ample parking here and in the season you can take a shuttle bus from the St. Goarshausen train station. Alternatively, it is also possible to start from the train station, from where an access route is marked.

Behind the Loreley visitor center you climb a Rhine terrace next to the summer toboggan run and have a first view of the Rhine Valley and Rheinfels Castle on the opposite bank of the Rhine. A narrow path leads through a small side valley steeply towards the Rhine.

Hikers now come as close to the Rhine as they rarely do. On the old towpath, the Loreley Extratour accompanies the Rhine on its way towards the North Sea for a few hundred meters before climbing steeply again towards Patersberg. During the ascent, it is worth pausing now and then to take a look back. There are beautiful views of the Rhine and Katz Castle.

After a short crossing of Patersberg, the path behind the village leads to a plateau that is used for agriculture. Here (when crossing) there are some distant views of the Taunus. Between the edge of the forest and meadows, the hiker slowly approaches the Forstbachtal, which flows from the Taunus into the Rhine. The descent into the valley is via picturesque paths lined with stunted oaks. There are fabulous plays of light at almost any position of the sun.

In the Forstbach valley is the listed Bornsmühle in an idyllic location, behind which you cross the Forstbach on a bridge. On the other bank, the Loreley extra tour accompanies the Forstbach for a while - then the path leads uphill again to another plateau near Bornich with a wonderfully far-reaching view over the Rhine including the Taunus and Hunsrück. You can get to the outskirts of town via grassy country lanes – but turn off here again in the direction of the Rhine. In Bornich there are several rest stops.

Above the Bornichbach, the hiker approaches the Rhine and the Rheinsteig through a biotope-like environment, which he now accompanies with a view to the destination. One breathtaking view after another lies here like pearls on a necklace. Block Loreley, Felsenkanzel, Spitznack, observation pavilion, wine trail and of course the world-famous Loreley itself. The Rhine narrows to only about 160 m at the rock towering 130 m above the Rhine. Here are the narrowest and deepest parts of the navigable Rhine. You can find out interesting facts about the myth of the Loreley and about the Upper Middle Rhine Valley - a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site - in the Loreley Visitor Center, where the hike ends.


all notes on protected areas

Public transport


St. Goarshausen has a train station.

Getting there

B 42 to St. Goarshausen. Then follow the signs to the Loreley.

Ferry from St. Goar to St. Goarshausen.

There is also a shuttle bus that goes directly up to the Loreley, the departure times are available at:


Loreley Visitor Center car park.


50.142012, 7.731966
50°08'31.2"N 7°43'55.1"E
32U 409392 5555190
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Author’s map recommendations

UNESCO-Welterbe - Oberes Mittelrheintal Loreley - Boppard (WR): Topographische Karte 1:25000 mit Wander- und Radwanderwegen mit Rheinsteig, ... Rheinland-Pfalz 1:15000 /1:25000)

ISBN-10: 9783896373649

ISBN-13: 978-3896373649


  • Hiking shoes
  • Appropriate clothing appropriate to the weather

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Questions and answers

Question from Martin Zett · May 01, 2021 · Community
Ich hättet gerne eine Möglichkeit, dass man direkt von der Startseite der App auf die aktuell geplante tageatour zugreifen kann. Aktuell muss ich mich immer durchnavigieren, was sehr ärgerlich ist, wenn man unterwegs ist und die karte mal kurz checken möchte. Hintergrund, ich habe die app nicht immer auf (akkuverbrauch etc) und benötige zur temporär, dann aber ohne viele klickwege meine tagestourkarte
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Question from Eric Kaiser · May 20, 2020 · Community
Ist die Tour denn gut beschildert oder ist navigieren mit Smartphone oder Karte notwendig?
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Answered by Barbara Engels  · May 20, 2020 · Community
Ja, ist sehr gut geschildert
3 more replies
Question from Claus Bensch · May 15, 2020 · Community
Ist die Tour mit großem Hund begehbar ? Wegen der Leitern. Danke
Show more
Answered by Peter Schier · May 15, 2020 · Community
Ist schon recht lange her, dass ich die Loreley-Tour gewandert bin, aber Leitern gab es da nicht, daran würde ich mich erinnern. Viel Spaß beim Wandern für alle Zwei- und Vierbeiner.
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June 28, 2022 · Community
When did you do this route? May 16, 2022
Photo: Kay, Community
Photo: Kay, Community
Photo: Kay, Community
Photo: Kay, Community
Photo: Kay, Community
Photo: Kay, Community
Photo: Kay, Community
Photo: Kay, Community
Photo: Kay, Community
Photo: Kay, Community
Photo: Kay, Community
Benjamin Günthner
June 16, 2022 · Community
Der Teil entlang des Rheins ist schön und spektakulär. Der Teil im Hinterland über primär Felder ist ok, aber nichts besonderes. Geht man die Tour wie beschrieben hat man zunächst einen steilen Abstieg und Aufstieg, wo Trittsicherheit gut ist. Danach eher moderate Höhendifferenzen
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S. Hauth
May 22, 2022 · Community
Die Tour sollte man von St. Goarshausen aus beginnen (Ein Transfer mit der Fähre ist am Tag jederzeit möglich). Oben auf der Höhe angekommen, belohnen ein herrlicher Ausblick auf das Rheintal unter der rheinland-pfälzischen Flagge. Nun folgt Weitblick und Ruhe. Hier noch ein Tipp: Auf den Feldern sind Schilder zu fehlenden Wegmarkierungen angebracht: Lest sie aufmerksam und prägt sie euch ein. Ihr erreicht nach einer Zeit nun das Highlight: Die Loreley. Eine sagenhafte Aussicht belohnt euch hier. Auf pfadigem Weg geht es dann nach unten, wo es manches Mal eure Aufmerksamkeit bedarf. Eisenbahnfreunde kommen bei der Wegführung direkt an der Bahntrasse voll auf ihre Kosten. Zurück bei "Vater Rhein" findet die Tour ihr Ende.
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When did you do this route? May 21, 2022
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14.3 km
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383 m
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