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Bike tour from Maisach to the Olympiapark

Bicycle Ride · Munich
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  • Radtour von Maisach bis zum Olympiapark
    Radtour von Maisach bis zum Olympiapark
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Cycling from the small community of Maisach via the beautiful towns of Fürstenfeldbruck and Germering to Pasing and from there via the Schloss Blutenburg and Nymphenburg to the Olympic Park.
Distance 41.8 km
3:01 h
169 m
176 m
603 m
506 m
Whether in summer, to visit the famous Tollwood Festival, which takes place annually on the Olympic grounds, or simply to enjoy the view over Munich from the Olympic Mountain. No matter for what reason you want to go on this beautiful and spectacular bike tour, it will definitely be an experience and will bring you closer to some natural and quiet corners of the city of Munich, in addition to extensive grassland and cool forests.

If you are living outside of Munich in the district of Fürstenfeldbruck, you will probably be frequently drawn to the mountains or to the Fünfseenland south-west of the city on many weekends. But there are also plenty of beautiful things to discover and see between Fürstenfeldbruck and the Olympic Park in the west of the city. Explore great places on this route, from wide open views over the fields with an alpine panorama, to architectural masterpieces of the Schloss Blutenburg and Nymphenburg, as well as a cycle path that leads past agricultural fields in the middle of the city.


Information about the tour:

This tour can be taken as a round trip following the tour "On the trail of the 1972 Olympic assassination attempt" or as an individual tour.

Author’s recommendation

Be sure to visit the Fürstenfeld Monastery. It is worth it!
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Update: March 02, 2021
Highest point
Germannsberg, Comunity Alling, 603 m
Lowest point
Theatron, 506 m
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Track types

Asphalt 93.75%Dirt road 0.50%Forested/wild trail 0.96%Road 4.77%
39.2 km
Dirt road
0.2 km
Forested/wild trail
0.4 km
2 km
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Rest stops

Waldgasthof Schusterhäusl - Germering
Kloster Fürstenfeld

Safety information

Besides tarred roads and paths, there are also some natural and gravel paths on the route. Please note this and pay special attention to your safety in these sections. Move your bike by hand if necessary.

Tips and hints

The track can be ridden all year round, but it becomes more difficult with the cold weather and therefore it should be ridden preferably in the summer months.


Trainstation Maisach (515 m)
48.214078, 11.257814
48°12'50.7"N 11°15'28.1"E
32U 667720 5342559
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U3 Olympiazentrum

Turn-by-turn directions

Start your bike tour at the Maisach train station and drive south towards Airfield Fliegerhorst Fürstenfeldbruck out of the community.

Now turn right into Alte Brucker Straße and follow the path along the fence of the airfield until you reach the first houses. Follow Am Kugelfang until you can turn right into Hasenheide after a left turn.

As soon as you reach Maisacher Straße, turn right and at the following round-about take a sharp left onto the cycle path, which runs parallel to ST2054. After about 500 meters you will reach Augsburgers Straße (Bundesstraße 2), which you follow. After about one kilometer you will reach a traffic light and a double bend priority road, which you follow both times and which leads to the main square in Fürstenfeldruck. Follow the road beyond the bridge and turn right immediately after the bridge onto Bullachstraße. After about 200 meters turn right onto a small path and then left again at the next opportunity.

You are now in the city park of Fürstenfeldbruck and are riding the Amper-Ammer-Radweg. Follow it over Fürstenfelder Straße until you get between the railroad line and the monastery Fürstenfeld. Turn right behind the monastery grounds onto Am Engelsberg and follow the path under the railroad line up the hill to the village Gelbenholzen.

Behind the village of Gelbenholzen, turn right onto Pfaffinger Straße and follow it until you reach the village of Biburg. In Biburg turn right into Ammerseestraß and after about 150 meters turn left into Germannsberger Straße. Follow the road until you see some houses on your left and the road bends down the hill.

Stop here for a moment and enjoy a magnificent view over the entire first mountain range of the Alps in good weather.

Now follow the road, beyond the long left-hand bend, until you reach the community of Alling. When you reach Hoflacher Straße, turn left and drive past the Bürgerhaus until you can turn right over a bridge. Follow Parsbergstraße until it makes a right turn. Continue uphill on Parsbergstraße, which will take you out of the community of Alling. Follow the road across the field until you reach the Waldgasthof Schusterhäusl on a hill in the forest. Here you have the opportunity to take a break and enjoy a cool drink in the beer garden.

Follow the road further downhill until you reach the outskirts of the town of Germering. Here you turn left onto Burgweg and take the first possible right turn in an open field. (If you continue straight ahead here, you will meet the Germeringer See, which invites you to take a refreshing). Follow the road and after about 500 meters turn onto Sandgrubenweg and then after about 20 meters turn right onto Triebstraße.

As soon as you reach Schmiedstraße turn left and the nextturn right again (Bärenweg) . Now you will meet Augsburger Straße, which you follow (while turning right).

As soon as you see a McDonald's restaurant on your right, go straight across the large crossing and follow the road, which is now called Augsburger Weg. The way leads you along the Bundesstraße 2, underneath it and then across the Autobahn A99.

Follow the road until you cross the suburban railroad line at a railroad crossing.

You are now in the Munich district Aubing.

Follow the road until you can turn left into Ubostraße and after about 70 meters turn right again into Spieltränkergasse.

As soon as you have turned left into Marzellgasse, you will meet Bergsonstraße, which you follow (while turning right). This street leads you under the railroad line and then turns left. Follow the road until you can turn right into Bertha-von-Suttner-Weg.

Cross Pippinger Straße and you will now see Blutenburg Castle in front of you.

Turn left behind the castle and then (while turning right) drive along on the left side of the open field. Behind it, follow the road beyond the right-hand bend and then turn left and cross the road on the crosswalk. Now follow the path along the open field, crossing Meyerbeestraße straight ahead.

In front of the railroad line turn right into Frauendorferstraße, follow this road until you can turn left into Bärmannstraße and cross the railroad line through an underpass.

Turn right after the railroad line and follow An der Schlossmauer until you can turn left into the park. (You have to move your bike by hand while you are in the park) Now drive over a small river and keep left at the following fork in the road. You will now reach the Schlossgartenkanal, which you follow until you reach Nymphenburg Castle.

Behind the castle, continue along the canal until you reach Waisenhausstraße. Turn left here and follow Waisenhausstraße until you can turn right into Hohenlohestraße. From here, follow the cycle path along the water until you reach the Olympic Park.

Turn right after the bridge and follow the cycle path up to the Olympic hill. From there you can enjoy a breathtaking view over Munich and with a little luck over the mountains in the south.

Now drive down the mountain again and turn right onto the bridge. Follow the road to the right and drive to Coubertin Square. Cross the square and drive between the Olympic Stadium (left) and the Olympic Hall (right).

Now cross the Georg-Brauchle-Ring on the bridge and keep right at the first fork in the road. At the second crossing, take the middle path. Now follow Kolehmainenweg until you reach the subway station Olympiazentrum in front of you.

Here your bike tour ends and you can take the subway to the city center of Munich. From Marienplatz you can take the S3 out again to the beginning of the tour in Maisach.


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Public transport


Take the S-Bahn line S3 to Maisach.

Getting there

The train station is easy to find by car or bike within the small town of Maisach. For this purpose, coming from Gernlinden, follow the Bahnhofstraße to the left at the traffic lights. The station is located in about 200 meters. 


The train station has a Park & Ride parking lot, which is located on the left side of the street (coming from the village center).


Address P&R: Herrenstraße 1, 82216 Maisach


48.214078, 11.257814
48°12'50.7"N 11°15'28.1"E
32U 667720 5342559
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike


  •  A bicycle with good tires, which is suitable for nature and gravel paths.
41.8 km
3:01 h
169 m
176 m
Highest point
603 m
Lowest point
506 m
Public-transport-friendly Refreshment stops available Linear route Cultural/historical interest


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