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On the trail of the 1972 Olympic assassination attempt - By bike from the Olympic Park to Fürstenfeldbruck -

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  • Auf den Spuren des Olympia-Attentats 1972 - Vom Olympiapark bis nach Fürstenfeldbruck
    Auf den Spuren des Olympia-Attentats 1972 - Vom Olympiapark bis nach Fürstenfeldbruck
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This bike tour follows the steps of the Olympic assassination attempt on September 5th, 1972, from the Olympic village to the airport in Fürstenfeldbruck and visits the original places from back then. 
Distance 39.4 km
2:45 h
67 m
60 m
559 m
500 m
Some people can still remember the tragic days around the 20th Summer Olympics in 1972, others were not even born yet. This tour is just the right thing to remind you of this time of almost 50 years ago.

The bike tour connects the different crime scenes and let you retrace the steps of the assassins. Along the way you will visit the sites of the assassination as well as various memorials.

All this is combined with a bike tour through the western part of Munich. This will take you from the Olympic Park via Schloss Nymphenburg and various lakes to where it all ended in September 1972 - to the military airport in Fürstenfeldbruck.



The historical background of the tour:

On September 5th, 1972, Palestinian terrorists of the terrorist group "Black September" invaded the Olympic village in Munich and captured the Israeli team and their supporters as hostages.This was followed by 18 hours of violence and death with long negotiations between the assassin, the police and the Minister of the Interior, Hans-Driedrich Gescher. The location of the hostage was an apartment at Conollystraße 31 in the Olympic village. From there, at about 10:15 p.m. on September 5th, 1972, a helicopter flight starts from the Olympic grounds to Fürstenfeldbruck, followed by the bloody end on the airfield of the military airport "Fliegerhorst Fürstenfeldbruck".

After an approximately 40-minute firefight on the airfield, the deaths of all 11 hostages, a German policeman and five of the eight assassins showed the full extent of the violence of the attack.


Read the full story here.


Author’s recommendation

Because the tour is almost 40 kilometers in total and takes over 2.5 hours, many breaks should be planned. It is therefore important to take enough groceries with you, even though there are stops along the way.
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Highest point
Olympic mountain, 559 m
Lowest point
Olchinger See, 500 m
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Track types

Asphalt 88.04%Dirt road 7.96%Forested/wild trail 2.41%Path 0.84%Road 0.73%
34.7 km
Dirt road
3.1 km
Forested/wild trail
1 km
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Rest stops

Beer garden Insel Mühle
Langwieder See
Olchinger See in the district of Fürstenfeldbruck
Emmeringer See in the district of Fürstenfeldbruck

Safety information

Besides tarred roads, there are also some gravel roads, paths and nature trails along the route. Please pay attention to this and pay particular attention to your safety in these sections. If necessary move your bicycle by hand. 

Tips and hints

  • The track can be ridden all year round, but it becomes more difficult with colder weather and therefore it should be ridden preferably in the summer months.


U3 Olympiazentrum (508 m)
48.179651, 11.555253
48°10'46.7"N 11°33'18.9"E
32U 689940 5339425


Maisach train station

Turn-by-turn directions

The tour starts at the metro station Olympiazentrum.

Just for the beginning of the tour, it is recommended to push the bike because it can be a bit difficult to find your way around the Olympic Village. Enter the Olympic Village via the footpath, which is marked with red cobblestones at the entrance. After passing through a covered passageway to an open square, keep to the left and follow the red cobblestones of Conollystraße until you reach number 31, where you will find the memorial plaque for the victims of the Olympic assassination attempt to the right of the entrance.

Continue along the street until you can cycle down a ramp. At this point it is no longer necessary to push the bike and you can start your tour by using it.

Follow the large path to the left around the Olympic village and keep left at the next crossing until you reach the memorial site of the 1972 Olympic assassination attempt.

Afterwards you drive back the way until the crossing and turn left from here. At the point where the path merges with the Werner-Seelenbinder-Weg, you will find the Klagebalken, in which the names of the 12 victims of the assassination attempt were engraved.

From here you cross the Georg-Brauchle-Ring on a bridge and drive between the Olympic Hall (left) and the Olympic Station (right) towards Coubertin Square.

If you cross the square straight ahead you will reach the Olympic Lake with a view of the Theatron on the lower left and the Olympic Tower behind it.

Now keep right and drive along the lake until you can cross it and turn left into Martin-Luther-King-Weg. This will lead you up to the Olympic Hill. It is important not to miss the turnoff to the mountain, which is halfway up on the right. From the Olympiaberg you have a stunning view over the city and with a little luck you can see the Alps in the south.

Now follows the part of the tour which leads you to Fürstenfeldbruck.

Take the same way down from the mountain and turn right before the bridge to get to the cycle path below next ot the Olympia lake. Keep left and leave the Olympic Park in western direction along the Willi-Gebhardt-Ufer, which follows the Nymphenburg-Biedersteiner-Kanal. Cross the canal at Waisenhausstraße and follow it to the West. As soon as you reach Menzinger Straße, turn left and follow the road for about 100 meters until you turn right onto Nördliche Auffahrtsalee. After 50 meters you will see Nymphenburg Palace in front of you.

Drive straight to the castle, turn right at the end of the water basin and drive along the long building until you can enter the Botanical Garden on the left at the end of the building. This way you will cross the Botanical Garden and at the end you will find Menzinger Straße again.  

Turn left and follow the road for about 30 meters to the traffic lights. Cross Menzinger Straße and follow the cycle path until you pass the railroad line underneath. After the railroad line take the second turn right into Fasanenstraße and follow this street until you reach a playground. Now turn right behind the playground and follow the road until you reach Heerstraße. Turn left here and pass under the railroad line again.  

Follow the road further (it meets Karwinskistraße) and turn right as soon as you reach Dorfstraße. Follow the road until you can turn left over the river Würm. After crossing the river, turn directly right and after about 30 meters turn right onto a smaller trail. The path leads you along the river Würm in northern direction. Now you will pass the first refreshment point, Beer garden Insel Mühle.

When you reach the intersection of Pippinger Straße, Von-Kahr-Straße and Mühlangerstraße, cross Von-Kahr-Straße straight ahead, turn left and follow Mühlangerstraße until you can turn right into Pasinger Heuweg.

Follow this until you reach Auenbruggerstraße, which you follow (while turning left) until you reach Goteboldstraße. Here you turn right and follow the road under the Autobahn A99 until you reach the trail between Langwieder See and Lußsee. Now you have the opportunity to take a break and jump into the cool water of the two lakes. 

After the lakes, turn left onto the cycle path parallel to Eschenrieder Straße and follow it via the A8 Autobahn until you can turn right onto Birkenrieder Straße. Follow this road, which becomes Erlbachwiesenweg and turn right into a field path after a small settlement. Follow this across the open field until you reach the paved road Am Zillerhof. Here you cross the road and follow the cycle path on the right side.

You will now come across Eschenrieder Straße again, which you follow (while turning left) until you turn right into Bahnhofstraße after about one kilometer and then left into Birkenstraße after 100 meters. When you now meet the railroad line in front of you, turn right and follow the railroad line until the street makes a right turn into Exterstraße. Follow this under the railroad and you will reach the Olchinger See on the left side of the road. Here you have again the possibility to take a short bathing break and you can enjoy the Biergarten of Villa Romantica and have something to eat and drink.

Continue on Neufeldstraße behind the lake and follow it until you can turn left into Max-Reger-Straße. Follow the street, which changes into Daxerstraße. After you have reached Feurstraße and crossed it straight ahead, you will meet the Mühlbach. Cross the small stream and follow the course turning left. You are now on the Ammer-Amper-Radweg. This path is unpaved and leads through the protected area "Ampertal". Please observe the rules applicable to this area.

Follow the path until you reach Neu-Estinger-Straße and cross it straight ahead. Now drive through between Volksfestplatz and Speedway Stadium and follow the road through the forest until you cross the Amper on a bridge and then continue to follow the river (while turning left) until you meet Römerstraße. Here you turn right and follow the road until you can turn left into Stephansweg. Follow the road till you meet a surfaced road again. Here you turn left onto Wachtweg and follow it across the field (gravel road) until you meet Dachauer Straße in Emmering. Cross the road and turn right onto the cycle path. In about 300 meters you will reach the Emmeringer See, which is the last lake on the route. Here you can take a break again.

Afterwards, turn left along the lake and follow the gravel trail until you come to Zur Denkstätte. Here you turn right and follow the path until it ends at a fence. Drive along the fence (while turning left) until you meet Von-Gravenreuth-Straße. At the end of this street you will meet the entrance of the airbase Fürstenfeldbruck on the right and you will see the memorial to the 1972 Olympic assassination attempt on the left of the main gate.

Continue along the road (with the entrance of the airfield in your back) and turn right onto Hasenheide after passing the round-about. Follow the road until you can turn left onto Am Fohlenhof and after about 100 meters turn right onto Am Kugelfang. Follow the road, which leads in an open field again along the fence of the airfield. After passing under a road, drive forward until you reach Alte Brucker Straße. (Orientation point Maisach) Here you can get off and walk to the right side of the road until you reach the crossing. From here you have a great view over the airfield at the air base where the Olympic assassination ended.

Now drive along Alte Brucker Straße into the community of Maisach and after about 500 meters you will reach the Maisach train station.

Here your tour ends and you can take the S-Bahn back into Munich.


If you would like to cycle back to Munich from the airfield at Fürstenfeldbruck airbase, you can find this tour here.



all notes on protected areas

Public transport


Take the subway line U3 from Sendlinger Tor or Marienplatz to the stop Olympiazentrum.

Getting there

Enter the address into a navigation system according to the selected parking option and follow the instructions.


Because this is a bike tour, it is recommended to go directly to the starting point by bike or public transport. Please note the conditions for taking a bicycle on public transport such as the underground and suburban railroad.

You find some informations about the conditions here.


Parking level of the Olympic Village or at the roadside: Free of charge at all places not indicated as private

P+R Parking garage Olympiazentrum am Helen-Mayer-Ring 3, 80809 Munich: 4€ per 2 hours, 1€ per additional hour (maximum 20€ per day)

Parkharfe at Olympiapark: 5€ for 24 hours (walking distance to the monument approx. 1300 meters)


You can find more information about parking here.


48.179651, 11.555253
48°10'46.7"N 11°33'18.9"E
32U 689940 5339425
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike


  • A bicycle with good tires, suitable for gravel roads, paths and nature trails.
39.4 km
2:45 h
67 m
60 m
Highest point
559 m
Lowest point
500 m
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