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Blick von der Zugspitze


On the heels of the pioneers – through the Reintal to the Zugspitze

July 20, 2020 · Community
Hi! Does anyone know whether this route includes any climbing? I'm looking for a route to the summit that doesn't require climbing equipment. Thanks!

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Answered by Alexander Hartmann · July 20, 2020 · Community
Moin Micaela! For this Route is no climbing equipment requiered. Greatings and have fun on the tour Alexander
Answered by Micaela Lucía Cubela · July 20, 2020 · Community
Thank you so much for your help! I have another question that maybe you or someone else could help me with: I wanna hike to the summit, in 2 days, but for my dates both Berghütten (Knor and Reintalangerhütte) are fully booked. Are there any other options? is it possible to camp anywhere? Thanks in advance!
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