Sonnenaufgang auf dem Weg zum Hohen Ifen


Hoher Ifen – descent via Schwarzwasserhütte


Jonathan Baulk 

September 16, 2020 · Outdooractive Editors
Due to its location and prominence the Hoher Ifen guarantees spectacular vistas, plus it is an extremely beautiful and unique mountain to look at and experience. The major drawback to this awesomeness, however, is the insane number of visitors it attracts, made all the worse by the cable car that runs parallel to it (thus reducing the length of the climb for many). I did this hike in full in July and although I started at 0530 am, I was by no means alone along the route. By the time I got back down the carpark was completely full- to the extent, in fact, that there were cars and motor homes also lining the approach road. If you are to do this or any other hike around here, my firm recommendation is to arrive and start as early as possible and DEFINITELY before the cable car opens. Peak holiday season and weekends should also be avoided. Do not expect solitude.

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