3D Preview

The 3D Preview is a 3D map-based feature on our platform, which gives you a clear view of routes and ski resorts in real time.

Experience the world in 3D

How to use the 3D Preview feature:

The 3D Preview feature can be used from a desktop or laptop computer via the website or from a smart device running our application.


Using 3D Preview from a desktop or laptop computer:

1- Select the content that you wish to preview in 3D.

2- Start "3D Preview" either via the green button at the top right of the page or via the button with the same name at the top left on the preview map.


Using 3D Preview from the iOS or Android app:

1- Select the content you wish to preview in 3D.

2- Select 'More' at the bottom right of the screen.

3- Select '3D Preview' to launch the 3D Preview feature.

View animations of routes and ski resorts

We are continually working on making route planning even better and more intuitive. That's why we've developed a feature that shows you the details of your routes in advance: 3D Preview.

Our vivid 3D Previews are based on Cesium technology. We combine this data set with satellite images and add additional information from the platform, such as the elevation model, and the trail network.

By combining various data and technologies, we achieve a unique result for outdoor activity routes of all kinds.

3D Preview compared to 3D Flight Videos

In contrast to our 3D Flight Videos, 3D Previews are always up to date because they are recalculated with every request. However, they are not saved in the media gallery of the route and can not be downloaded or shared.

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