BKG – Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy

The BKG is the federal government's central service provider for basic topographic data, cartography and geodetic reference systems.

The Institution

The federal authority is responsible for everything to do with geodata in Germany.

The TK-Series

The Topographic Map Series is the uniform, topographic description of the Federal Republic of Germany. We have integrated the following scales into the Layer Topo:  

  • 1:25 000
  • 1:50 000
  • 1:100 000
  • 1:250 000
  • 1:1 000 000  

The survey departments of the individual states are responsible for the TK25, TK50 and TK100. The TK250 and TK1000 are provided by the Federal Office itself.

The TK-Series in comparison from left to right: TK1000, TK250, TK100, TK50, TK25
A section of the TK25 near Nördlingen


ATKIS Basis-DLM is the data basis for the Outdooractive map in Germany.

ATKIS = official topographic cartographic information system

DLM = digital landscape model

The basic DLM describes the topographic objects of the landscape and the relief of the earth's surface in vector format. In this data set, the geometries and attributes are recorded independent of scale and image. This product is maintained and updated by the individual survey administrations of the federal states - the BKG defines a uniform structure for data delivery.

Map with only data from the ATKIS Basis-DLM
Map with additional contour lines, shading and slope in comparison

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