IGN - The National Institute of geography and forestry

The “National Institute of geography and forestry“ is responsible for the production, maintenance and dissemination of geographical information, making it the official reference for geodata in France.
The institute develops reference databases, products and geoservices to meet the country's growing and changing needs for map data and associated information.

The BD Topo

We have used BD Topo as the basis of the Outdooractive map of France.

BD Topo is a digital representation of reality and contains as vectors not only man-made features (buildings, streets) but also natural objects (terrain, relief). It is the most accurate and complete data set available for France.

With BD Topo we are able to create a high quality map with unique styling for summer and winter. Using this data also allows us to create our activity-based routing- meaning that the map and your route will always fit together perfectly.


The BD ALTI is an elevation model of the whole of France, which we use at a resolution of 25m. It represents France's entire surface, excluding vegetation and man-made features .

The countour lines, shading and slope angles for the Outdooractive map of France are derived from this data. In combination with BD Topo, exact altitudes and values can be calculated when formulating a route.

IGN SCAN – the topographic map series

The IGN SCAN map series is the digital version of their analog products.

We have integrated the following scales into the topo layer:

  • 1:25,000
  • 1:100,000
  • 1:250,000
  • 1:1,000,000


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