OS – Ordnance Survey

Ordnance Survey (OS) is responsible for the national surveying of Great Britain (England, Scotland & Wales). The organisation records and maintains detailed geographic location information within a unique map.
In addition to the national survey of Great Britain, Ordnance Survey is one of the world's largest map producers and therefore a valuable partner from whom we obtain map data in England, Scotland and Wales.

OS leisure maps

 We have integrated the following scales from OS into the topo layer :

  • 1:25,000
  • 1:50,000
  • 1:250,000
  • 1:500,000

OS Explorer – 1:25,000

The Explorer Map has been specially developed for hikers and cyclists, it covers almost all of Great Britain with the exception of the Isle of Man. This series of maps displays all paths and landscape details as well as tourist information.

OS Landranger – 1:50,000

The Landranger Map series is Ordnance Survey's multi-purpose map.

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