swisstopo – Federal Office of Topography

Swisstopo has been delivering superlative cartography since 1838 and is responsible for creating some of the best maps in the world. In addition to the National Maps it produces, swisstopo is also renowned for its high-quality geospatial data.

The Institute for Geodata and Cartography in Switzerland

The Federal Office of Topography is the competence center of the Swiss Confederation for geographic information and is responsible for the description, presentation and ongoing production of spatial geodata (e.g. national maps, elevation and landscape models).


The National Maps

The Swiss National Maps are swisstopo's best-known map publications.

We have integrated the following scales into the topo layer:

  • 1:10,000 
  • 1:25,000
  • 1:50,000
  • 1:100,000
  • 1:200,000
  • 1:500,000
  • 1:1,000,000

The National Maps are ideal for orientation when participating in a variety of activities and have been produced using the latest graphics that were introduced in 2014. Due to different update cycles, there may be occasional discrepancies in the map’s graphics within a scale.

The swissTLM3D

We have used the swissTLM3D as the basis data of Outdooractive’s map of Switzerland.

SwissTLM3D is a digital representation of reality and contains as vectors not only man-made features (buildings, streets), but also natural ones (terrain, relief). It is the most accurate and complete data set available for Switzerland and is also used in the production of the National Map.

With swissTLM3D we are able to create a high quality map with unique styling for summer and winter. Using this data also allows us to create our activity-based routing- meaning that the map and your route will always fit together perfectly.

Another advantage of swissTLM3D as a data set is that it already includes officially signposted hiking trails.


The swissALTI3D

The swissALTI3D is an elevation model of the whole of Switzerland, which we use at a resolution of 2m. It represents Switzerland’s entire surface, excluding vegetation and man-made features.

The contour lines, shading and slope angles for the Outdooractive map of Switzerland are derived from this data. In combination with the swissTLM3D, exact altitudes and values can be calculated when formulating a route.

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