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Hockenhorn Hike (from Kandersteg)

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  • Bergtour Kandersteg - Lötschenpass - Hockenhorn
    / Bergtour Kandersteg - Lötschenpass - Hockenhorn
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  • / Bergtour Kandersteg - Lötschenpass - Hockenhorn
    Photo: Lötschental Tourismus
  • / Bergtour Kandersteg - Lötschenpass - Hockenhorn
    Photo: Lötschental Tourismus
  • / Bergtour Kandersteg - Lötschenpass - Hockenhorn
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  • / Lötschenpasshütte - Bergtour Kandersteg - Lötschenpass - Hockenhorn
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  • / Hockenhorn
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A demanding mountain tour from Kandersteg to the Hockenhorn via the Lötschenpass. This tour also works as a 2-day tour with an overnight stay at the Lötschenpass Hut.
18.4 km
7:30 h
2280 m
270 m
The first stage of the hike to the Lötschenpass begins at the valley station of the Kandersteg - Sunnbüel cable car; walk for about 2 hours 40 minutes through the wildly romantic Gasterental Valley as far as Selden. In Selden start the first stage of the hike with the climb to the Lötschenpass, the history-steeped pass from the Bernese Oberland into the Valais. As it culminates at 2,690 m above sea level, crossing the Lötschenpass takes a great deal of stamina, but the view across the mountains around the Lötschental and the Kandertal valleys is all the more magnificent for it. The view across to the mighty Bietschhorn and beyond the Rhone valley to the Mischabel range is particularly breathtaking. On your hike you will traverse the length of the glacier "Lötschengletscher" for a kilometre of so, wide stretches of which are covered by stones and rocks in every colour imaginable; every now and then blue ice glistens through the rocks. Melt water gurgles through small channels and here and there the water has flushed out deep, meandering trenches through which the water rushes until it disappears through a hole. However, the glacier can be crossed with ease in hiking boots. The route reaches the Lötschenpass and the Lötschenpass Hut shortly after this awe-inspiring natural landscape where you can fortify yourself for the second stage of the hike (an overnight stay in the Lötschenpass Hut is also possible).

The tour then continues on the relatively broad ridge to the Kleinhockenhorn (this is not an officially signposted route). Here you will have to cross either a snow field or a firn field. The climb to the summit is steep and requires a great deal of stamina. Some experience of Alpine mountaineering and sure footedness are essential when climbing up to the summit over boulders and scree and you may need to hold on with one or both hands on occasion. You will have reached your destination after a 2.5 hour climb. From the Hockenhorn you will enjoy a magnificent view over many of the Valais Alps as far as Mont Blanc.


Handy hint: You can save yourself the 2 hours 40 minutes-long hike through the Gasterental Valley with a comfortable bus ride from Kandersteg railway station to Selden (bus reservation essential: Tel. +41 (0)33 671 11 72)

Author’s recommendation

Lötschenpasshütte - Come to the first “Minergie” mountain hut in the Alps, savour the view across the Valais peaks, let the hut team to pamper you, discover nature all around the lodge, stay in spacious dormitory rooms, gaze at the stars in the suites - and come back again.
More information at: Tel. +41 (0)27 939 19 81

Highest point
3215 m
Lowest point
1195 m
Best time of year

Rest Stop

Lötschenpass Hut

Safety information

  • We recommend that a state-certified mountain guide accompanies you on this mountain tour
  • Plan your tour carefully
  • Ensure that you have a full set of appropriate equipment
  • Never embark on a tour alone
  • Inform friends, relatives, the mountain hut supervisor or the hotel porter of your proposed tour. Report back when you arrive at your destination.
  • Keep a constant eye on weather developments
  • Adhere to the principle: if in doubt, turn back!


The 1:25,000 scale hiking map is your perfect companion for an unforgettable day's hiking in the Lötschental. Available from the Lötschental Tourist Information Office in Wiler or online at

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Our mountain guides in the Lötschental:


Kandersteg (1197 m)
46.482000, 7.669338
32T 397862 5148463



Turn-by-turn directions

Kandersteg - Gasterental/Selden - Gfellalp - Lötschenpass - Hockenhorn


Optional descents:

  • Hockenhorn - Lauchernalp - Wiler (cable car Wiler-Lauchernalp)
  • Hockenhorn - Kummenalp - Ferden
  • Hockenhorn - Kummenalp - Restialp - Faldumalp - Ferden
  • Hockenhorn - Kummenalp - Restialp - Faldumalp - Goppenstein
  • Hockenhorn - Lötschenpass - Kandersteg

Public transport

Take the BLS Lötschenberg excursion train to Kandersteg.

Getting there

Drive as far as Kandersteg railway station. Park your car there.


You can park your car at the Kandersteg railway station car park (not free).
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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18.4 km
7:30 h
2280 m
270 m
Scenic With refreshment stops Geological highlights Botanical highlights Faunistic highlights Summit route


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