Eifelsteig Etappe 3: Monschau - Einruhr_Monschau Ortskern


Eifelsteig Etappe 03: Monschau - Einruhr

April 20, 2022 · Community
Which possibilities are there if you want to hike from Höfen to Gemund and go back by public transport in the evening? I just found one bus in the afternoon but that is to early. Or the other way around: is there a bus early in the morning that can bring us from Gemund to our startingpoint in Höfen? the one bus that we found is around 10 AM. That is to late.

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Answered by Ulrike Tenzer  · April 21, 2022 · Community
Hallo Pascale, da bleibt dir wahrscheinlich nur ein Taxi. Die Busverbindungen zwischen den Etappen sind teilweise sehr schlecht. Wenn es der Bus sein soll würde ich den Bus am Morgen nehmen, auch wenn es spät ist. Wenn man zum Zielort wandert kommt man nicht unter Zeitdruck, um noch pünktlich den Bus zu erreichen. Das ist auf jeden Fall entspannter. Trotzdem viel Spaß auf dem Eifelsteig - es ist sehr schön!
Answered by Meinhard Schulte · April 21, 2022 · Community
Hello Pascale, you really want to hike from Höfen to Gemünd in one day? It is a very long hike. I walked in March just from Monschau to Einruhr and I needed 6,5 h. I am not so familar with the bus connections because I don`t live in the Eifel. But I think there are two bus companies in the region. The avv (www.avv.de) and the rvk (www.rvk.de). Seems to me that you have only looked at the rvk. With the avv there is a connection from Gemünd via Simmerath to Imgenbroich each hour. To get from Imgenbroich to Höfen you have to call a so-called "Netliner". That seems to be a small bus just riding on demand. Or you can take a Taxi. It is not too far from Imgenbroich to Höfen. I hope this information is helpful for you. Have a nice hike. Regards Meinhard
Answered by Christian Bauer · April 21, 2022 · Community
Hi Pascale, unfortunately the public transport in this area is pretty poor. The bus is your only option or a Taxi.
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