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EifelSpur Wildnispfad (Gemeinde Dahlem)


Jeroen Sleutelberg

23.12.2019 · Community
Beautiful pine forest walk, all on unpaved forest roads. Could have been nicer though if it were more on footpaths in the forest. Walk could be classified as easy. Roads are also used by mountain bikers so take note. Unfortunately I choose a hunting day! Half way the route was blocked, so took the L110 and saw many deer on the run...
Gemacht am 21.12.2019
Foto: Jeroen Sleutelberg, Community
Foto: Jeroen Sleutelberg, Community

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Nordeifel Tourismus GmbH (Team)
Dear Jeroen Sleutelberg, thank you for your judgement about EifelSpur "Wildnispfad". We are sorry, that the trail was blocked because of a hunting day. The signs (your right picture) will be placed for your safety. Usually you can walk the trail without restrictions :-) The Team of Nordeifel Tourismus GmbH
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