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Bear Trails -Ultimate Enduro Experience-

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    Photo: Ezio Cattani, APT Dolomiti di Brenta e Paganella
  • / Bike Chalet "La Tana dell'Ermellino"
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  • / one day on a bear trails
    Video: Molveno Zone Dolomiti Paganella Bike
  • / Il lago di Garda dalla cima della Paganella
    Photo: Lorenzo Ventura, ph. Stromberg
  • / Terrace of the bike chalet "La Montanara"
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  • / Hut Meriz
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  • / Malga Val dei Brenzi
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  • / Molveno
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  • / Bear Trails
    Photo: ph. Manuel Kottersteger, APT Dolomiti di Brenta e Paganella
m 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 50 40 30 20 10 km La Tana dell'Ermellino Pump Track & Skill Area Meriz Rifugio La Roda Bait del Germano LA MONTANARA Hut Meriz
Molveno - Rif. "La Montanara" - Ex Vivaio forestale - Loc. Priori (Tana dell'Ermellino) - Andalo - Cima Paganella - Santel - Malga Brenzi - Monte Corno - Spormaggiore - Santel - Meriz - Andalo  - Doss Pelà - Bait del Germano - Molveno
59.8 km
9:00 h
1,000 m
4,050 m


In October 2018 Trentino has been hit by the storm VAIA (the area around Molveno has been the most affected one) and on Paganella a new ski slope is under construction (Loc. Selletta); therefore we suggest you the best track to complete the BEAR TRAILS in 2019. The length of this itinerary is a bit longer than the original one.


Enduro tour suitable only for expert riders. Thanks to the ski lifts you can ride over 4000 meters of downhill, just about 1000 of uphill and a total of 59km. The route touches the countries of Andalo, Fai della Paganella and Molveno, reaching the maximum altitude of 2.125m in the "Cima Paganella".

The course consists of 5 different trails:

812 Ude's Trail

806 Giada Line

803 Monte Corno

787 610 Trail (lower part)

805 Secret Trail

During the itinerary you'll use 6 different ski lifts (affordable single ticket bike pass) and you'll face lots of different single trails.

The route also passes along the Wildlife Park of Spormaggiore, where you can see bears, wolves, lynx and other animals (discount for bike pass holders).

Author’s recommendation

CAUTION!! Until the 20th of june from the restaurant "La Montanara"  there is a deviation on the trails BIGHERO and BLADERUNNER and then you can continue on the UDE'S Trail.

Tour suitable only for expert riders.

Take note of the lifts' timetable.

Along the route there are the following restaurants: "La Montanara", "La Tana dell'Ermellino", "La Roda", "Malga Zambana", "TRE3", "Bait del Germano".

A stop at the Wildlife Park of Spormaggiore and Belfort Castle is highly recommended.

Along the way there are several fountains to stock up on water.

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Ezio Cattani 
Updated: August 24, 2020
S4 difficult
Highest point
Cima Paganella, 2,125 m
Lowest point
Spormaggiore, 650 m
Best time of year

Rest Stop

Rifugio La Roda
Bait del Germano
Hut Meriz

Safety information

Tour suitable only for expert riders.

Rules DPB:

1 Ride Open Trails
Respect trail and road closures — ask a land manager for clarification if you are uncertain about the status of a trail. Do not trespass on private land. Obtain permits or other authorization as required. Be aware that bicycles are not permitted in areas protected as state or federal Wilderness

2 Leave No Trace
Be sensitive to the dirt beneath you. Wet and muddy trails are more vulnerable to damage than dry ones. When the trail is soft, consider other riding options. This also means staying on existing trails and not creating new ones. Don't cut switchbacks. Be sure to pack out at least as much as you pack in.

3 Control Your Bicycle
Inattention for even a moment could put yourself and others at risk. Obey all bicycle speed regulations and recommendations, and ride within your limits.

4 Yield Appropriately
Do your utmost to let your fellow trail users know you're coming — a friendly greeting or bell ring are good methods. Try to anticipate other trail users as you ride around corners. Bicyclists should yield to other non-motorized trail users, unless the trail is clearly signed for bike-only travel. Bicyclists traveling downhill should yield to ones headed uphill, unless the trail is clearly signed for one-way or downhill-only traffic. In general, strive to make each pass a safe and courteous one.

5 Never Scare Animals
Animals are easily startled by an unannounced approach, a sudden movement or a loud noise. Give animals enough room and time to adjust to you. When passing horses, use special care and follow directions from the horseback riders (ask if uncertain). Running cattle and disturbing wildlife are serious offenses.

6 Plan Ahead
Know your equipment, your ability and the area in which you are riding and prepare accordingly. Strive to be self-sufficient: keep your equipment in good repair and carry necessary supplies for changes in weather or other conditions. Always wear a helmet and appropriate safety gear.

Please note that the practicability of the itineraries in a mountain environment is strictly linked to the contingent conditions and is therefore influenced by natural phenomena, environmental changes and weather conditions. For this reason, the information contained in this page may have changed. Before leaving for a tour, make sure the path you will approach is still accessible by contacting the owner of the mountain hut, the alpine guides or the visitor centres of the nature parks, the info offices of the local tourist board.

Tips, hints and links


Booking tours with guide: (+39 342 7082095)


Molveno (891 m)
46.144479, 10.965290
46°08'40.1"N 10°57'55.0"E
32T 651779 5111977



Turn-by-turn directions


In October 2018 Trentino has been hit by the storm VAIA (the area around Molveno has been the most affected one) and on Paganella a new ski slope is under construction (Loc. Selletta); therefore we suggest you the best track to complete the BEAR TRAILS in 2019. The length of this itinerary is a bit longer than the original one.


CABLEWAY + CHAIRLIFT --> Big Hero (21) --> Blade Runner (22) --> Hub 813 (turn at the wooden bear indicating the Bear Trails) --> 812 Ude's Trail (to Andalo)


CABLEWAY + CHAIRLIFT --> 806 Giada Line (from Cima Paganella to. Selletta) --> 808 Bus del Giaz Trail to rifugio Meriz --> Peter Pan (4)


803 Monte Corno --> CHAIRLIFT Santel--> Fire Road from rifugio Meriz to the beginning 787 --> 787 Ribs Trail 


CABLEWAY --> Fire Road from Doss Pelà to Bait del Germano --> 805 Secret Trail 

Back to Molveno



Follow the instructions step by step of following routes:

MTB 812 Ude's Trail

MTB 806 Giada Line

MTB 803 Monte Corno

MTB 787 610 Trail (lower part)

MTB 805 Secret Trail


all notes on protected areas

Public transport

from Trento:
- Autobus extraurbano number 611 (Trento -Mezzolombardo - Fai della Paganella - Andalo - Molveno)

- Train "Trento - Malè" (Trento - Mezzolombardo) + autobus extraurbano number 611 (Mezzolombardo - Fai della Paganella - Andalo - Molveno).

Getting there

from North:

On the highway A22 take the exit "San Michele" we follow the state road SS43 until the exit from the village of Mezzolomardo, then we follow the provincial road SP64 towards "Paganella" Altopiano. (Fai-Andalo-Molveno).


From South:

On the highway A22 take the "Trento Nord", and follow the road towards Val di Non to the village of Mezzolombardo, exceeded the gallery turn to the right towards "Paganella" (Fai-Andalo Molveno).


-Fai della Paganella:

In "Santel", opposite to the ski lifts, ample free parking.



Near the ski lifts, ample free parking.



Near the lifts, pay parking.

Near the Lido of Molveno, ample parking.


46.144479, 10.965290
46°08'40.1"N 10°57'55.0"E
32T 651779 5111977
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Author’s map recommendations

Official Map DPB 1:25000 available in APT, at the ticket to the ski lifts and at the bike rental points.


Trail - All Mountain - Enduro Bike, recommended full suspension (at least 140mm)

Helmet - Knee Pads - Back Protector or Backpack with back protector - Gloves 

Maps - GPS - Mobile Phone - K/Way - Tools kit & repair kit for tires

Water - Snack

Bring everything needed for a journey in self-sufficiency

Questions and answers

Profile picture of deletedUser
Question from deletedUser · June 30, 2020 · Community
Situazione luglio 2020? Si puo' seguire la traccia gps nella sua totalita'? Ero a Molveno 2 settimane fa e le strada forestale Molveno - Andalo era chiusa da una rete + divieto.
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La strada forestale ora è percorribile, sono segnalate in loco deviazioni per permetterne il transito.
Question from Federico Bolzonella · August 29, 2019 · Community
Buongiorno, prossimo week facciamo il bear trails, volevo chiedere un'informazione. Durante il percorso, segnato dalla traccia GPS, si percorre anche qualche tratto del BIKE PARK ZONE? Se non è cosi e possibile fare qualche deviazione per poter entrare in quella zona? Altra domanda, che orari e prezzi hanno le seggiovie? Grazie 1000 in anticipo. Federico
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Lorenzo Ventura

Buongiorno Luca, la traccia è quella del percorso originario, senza, quindi, la breve deviazione di quest'anno; il Bear Trails integrale è sicuramente più faticoso del Lake to Lake, ma sono pochi i bikers che lo percorrono in tutta la sua interezza, visto che ci sono parecchi "tagli" possibili. Il Lake to Lake, invece, va preso così com'è, non ci sono tagli né scorciatoie possibili.

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Luca Frigerio
July 09, 2019 · Community
Buongiorno, verrò a trovarvi il weekend del 17/28 Luglio, vorremmo fare il Bear Trail ed il Lake to Lake. Alcune domande: - in riferimento alle modifiche segnalate del BT2019 volevo sapere se la traccia GPX è già quella aggiornata o meno - volevo un consiglio se, per stanchezza accumulata, nel primo giorno era meglio fare il Bear Trail oppure il Lake to Lake (considerando di tornare in bicibus previa prenotazione) - alloggeremo ad Andalo all'Hotel Londra Grazie per le info che saprete darmi. Complimenti per il vostro lavoro e le vostre offerte, cordiali saluti, Luca.
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Lorenzo Ventura

Buongiorno Arianna, il percorso è facilmente individuabile, è davvero ben segnalato in tutti i suoi segmenti. Per quello che riguarda le guide, consigliamo di contattare Dolomiti Paganella Bike Academy

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S4 difficult
59.8 km
9:00 h
1,000 m
4,050 m
Loop Faunistic highlights Refreshment stops available Cableway ascent/descent Single trail/Free ride


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