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Hiking trail

Fidaz - Trin Mulin - Lag la Cresta - Flims

Hiking trail • Graubuenden
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    Photo: Graubünden Ferien
Map / Fidaz - Trin Mulin - Lag la Cresta - Flims
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10.7 km
3:30 h
449 m
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This peaceful, easy circular trail starts at the post office in Flims village, unless you prefer to take the regional bus to Fidaz. Behind the Hotel Vorab, you go up to the next street crossing where the start of the hiking trail begins, taking you to Fidaz via shortcuts. At the Roman church, you continue along the road until you reach the sunburnt wooden houses of the village. Many centuries ago, Fidaz was one of the “free Walsers”, like many other towns in Graubünden. Various river and family names in the town hark back to that time, before the inhabitants had been romanised. In this ribbon-built village, the author Gian Fontana (1897–1935) much loved by the Raetoromans was born. From the village, you have a beautiful view of the area around Flims, particularly the expansive region of the prehistoric landslide.

At the next group of houses, one cart track branches left and leads through the meadow to the forest of Uaul da Fidaz. This takes you across a part of the land that was covered by a landslide in the spring of 1939. It destroyed a children's home and cost 11 people their lives. Even today, the point where the landslide broke away is still visible in the rock face of Crap da Flem. At Pt. 1147, you meet the path leading down from Bargis, and follow it to the houses of Trin Mulin, at the upper edge of a large plain. Looking to the north, you see a mighty shaft of rock extending high above the forest.

The ruins of the Castle of Belmont, the seat of the lords who ruled over Flims and large sections of Surselva, can be found on top. You travel westwards below the houses and along the canton road to cross the Flem after the meadowland. Shortly afterwards you arrive at the banks of the unique Lag la Cresta lake, one of the various forest lakes in Flims forest. Nestled between dark firs, this lake is like a scene from a fairytale, and it is not surprising that old legends abound about this natural wonder. From the north shore of the lake, two trails lead upwards through forest and glades: one northward, the other south; both meet at the meadows of Rens. From there, you can continue up further to Flims Waldhaus, or take a right to get to Flims village.

Guesthouse en route: Crestasee (only summer season)Tel. +41 (0)81 911 11 27.

1193 m
800 m
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Fidaz: The village of Fidaz, belonging to the municipality of Flims, is situated at the foot of the Crap da Flem (Flimserstein). Although clearly a ribbon-built village, it is a Walser settlement in the middle of the Raetoromanic language region which was romanised in the course of time (typical of Walsers was the straw settlement which stands out starkly beside the closed raetoromanic villages). The little church at the entrance to the village is mentioned in documents from the year 830; the current Roman-style building dates back the period around 1200. It has a picturesque tower with open bell and a beautiful apsis. At the other end of the village is Casa Martin pign (house of Small Martin), a typical log building from 1523.

Turn-by-turn directions

Fidaz – Trin Mulin – Lag la Cresta – Flims

Public transport

Getting there and back: By Postbus to and from Flims Dorf.
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike


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10.7 km
3:30 h
449 m
448 m
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