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Hiking trail

Glacier hike

Hiking trail • Graubuenden
  • Pers Gletscher
    / Pers Gletscher
    Photo: Graubünden Ferien & Geo-Tracks
  • Rückblick aufs Berghaus
    / Rückblick aufs Berghaus
    Photo: Graubünden Ferien & Geo-Tracks
  • Isla Persa
    / Isla Persa
    Photo: Graubünden Ferien & Geo-Tracks
  • Gletscheraussichten
    / Gletscheraussichten
    Photo: Graubünden Ferien & Geo-Tracks
  • Morteratsch Gletscher
    / Morteratsch Gletscher
    Photo: Graubünden Ferien & Geo-Tracks
  • Rückblick
    / Rückblick
    Photo: Graubünden Ferien & Geo-Tracks
  • /
    Photo: Graubünden Ferien & Geo-Tracks
  • /
    Photo: Graubünden Ferien & Geo-Tracks
  • /
    Photo: Graubünden Ferien & Geo-Tracks
Map / Glacier hike
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8.3 km
5:00 h
48 m
48 m
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This hike's itinerary is probably the most famous tour in the Diavolezza region. And rightly so. First of all, in winter, it is the site of the popular 10 km long downhill run across the glacier with its stunning scenery; secondly, the Diavolezza cable car was built here first and foremost because of the sensational downhill slope. From the Diavolezza mountain hut the hike leads down to the Pers Glacier, crossing it to the Isla Persa. On the Isla Persa the hiking trail takes you across a path of stone slabs which, while steep in parts, is easily walkable. The views of the two glaciers and the mountain scenery from this pulpit are well worth savouring. A genuine paradise of ice and snow. The initial part of the descent is along the right-hand glacier moraine until we switch to the left-hand side, crevasses depending. We remain on that side until the hiking trail re-emerges and, as a glacier information trail, tells us more about these natural features. The hike itself ends at the railway station of the Rhaetian Railway, which rounds off this astonishing experience. The tour is physically challenging, dropping more than 1118 m in altitude into the valley. It also intended only for experienced mountaineers and adept glacier-goers. Those who do not yet fall into that category but would still like to take a peek at this phenomenal alpine world should contact the Pontresina Mountaineering School, which offers daily guided tours during the high season (see below for more information).

Please bear in mind that the right equipment is needed for this tour. Long trousers, mountain boots, sunglasses and walking sticks are a must. The route across the two glaciers varies depending on conditions on the ground and changes all the time. The Pontresina Mountaineering School offers an official guided tour every day in the high season. The rendezvous point is the Gletscherhüsli of the Diavolezza Berghaus (mountain hut). In uncertain weather please call ahead to make sure the tour is still taking place.

See also
Mountaineering School Pontresina
Via Maistra 163
CH-7504 Pontresina
Tel: +41 (0)81 842 82 82

Diavolezza-Bahn AG
CH-7504 Pontresina
Tel: +41 (0)81 842 64 19

Berghaus Diavolezza
c/o Diavolezza Bahn
7504 Pontresina
Tel: +41 (0)81 842 62 05

Engadin St. Moritz
CH-7500 St. Moritz
Tel: +41 (0)81 830 00 01
Fax: +41 (0)81 830 08 18

Difficulty moderate
2973 m
1897 m


Diavolezza, mountain station (2972 m)
Geogr. 46.412400 N 9.965370 E
UTM 32T 574193 5140322

Getting there:

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike


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Difficulty moderate
Distance 8.3 km
Duration 5:00 h
Ascent 48 m
Descent 48 m


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