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90.1.-11. Graubünden Bike

Mountainbiking • Buendner Herrschaft
Source: Graubünden Ferien - normierte Touren
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    Photo: Antonella Klee, Graubünden Ferien - normierte Touren
  • Weissfluh by Andrea Badrutt
    / Weissfluh by Andrea Badrutt
    Photo: Antonella Klee, Graubünden Ferien - normierte Touren
  • Vals@Stefan Schlumpf
    / Vals@Stefan Schlumpf
    Photo: Antonella Klee, Graubünden Ferien - normierte Touren
Map / 90.1.-11. Graubünden Bike
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Breathtaking Alpine bike tour with a vast total height difference, sensational passes and incredible long- distance views. Lovely trails, little asphalt. Mountain bikers will really be in their element on this route, which demands fitness and technique
402.5 km
69:20 h
16811 m
16796 m
The imposing castle ruins of Zignau and Schlans face each other on opposite sides of the gentle Surselva slopes, as if resembling a gateway to mark the beginning or end of this breathtaking bike tour. This tour quite simply has everything a biker could wish for.

An Alpine to high-Alpine route with numerous height metres, testing passes, breathtaking views, remote valleys and sensational trails. A gentle, simple meadow trail winds over the Durannapass, the ascent to the Strelapass is steep, rough and challenging and the Kunkelspass is romantic biking bliss. The top highlight is the seemingly unspectacular section between Filisur and Lenzerheide. This cave, meadow, forest, tunnel and reed-bed trail is great fun and will also give less experienced bikers a true biking tingle.

The technically and physically demanding route is recommended for experienced bikers and best travelled in high summer and early autumn. User
Daniel Maier
Updated: 2017-03-17

2619 m
530 m

Tips, hints and links

Surselva Tourismus AG
Meierhof 26 / Postfach 50
CH-7134 Obersaxen-Meierhof

Destination Davos Klosters
Information & Gästeberatung Davos Dorf
Bahnhofstrasse 8
7260 Davos Dorf
Tel. +41 81 415 21 21, Fax +41 81 415 21 00


Wildlife refuge Enthalbwald: Do not enter the nature reserve from 20.12 until 30.04.

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike


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402.5 km
69:20 h
16811 m
16796 m


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