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Alps Epic Trail Davos

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  • Alps EpicTrail Davos
    / Alps EpicTrail Davos
    Video: Davos Klosters
  • Alps Epic Trail
    / Alps Epic Trail
    Photo: Destination Davos Klosters
  • Alps Epic Trail
    / Alps Epic Trail
    Photo: Destination Davos Klosters
  • Alps Epic Trail
    / Alps Epic Trail
    Photo: Destination Davos Klosters
  • Alps Epic Trail
    / Alps Epic Trail
    Photo: Destination Davos Klosters
Map / Alps Epic Trail Davos
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40.1 km
4:15 h
916 m
2401 m
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Until now, no other trail in Switzerland has been crowned 'IMBA Epic Trail'. Thus the «Alps Epic Trail Davos» belongs to the circle of the best mountain bike trails around the world.

The mountain railway takes you up to the top of Jakobshorn, to the starting point of the epic trail. Take the gravel road towards Sertig Dörfli. After a short climb, the single track begins. Since the reconstruction of the track in 2015 it is very nice and flowy to ride. Once you arrive in Sertig Dörfli, you have two options for a coffee break at the local restaurants Bergführer in Sertig Dörfli or Walserhuus in Sertig Sand. A road connects the two places. The trail head of the next single track starts next to Walserhuus, climbing up to Rinerhorn. The route 647 Rinerhorn/Sertig goes along the same track, but in the opposite direction.
After a climb of 250 metres in altitude, you will reach the fire place on Äbirügg with superb panoramic views of Davos. From there, a gravel road leads towards the top station of the Rinerhorn mountain railway, passing by the restaurant Rinerhorn. Soon after there is a turn-off on the left side towards Monstein. This is also part of the route 335 Monstein, so it is easiest to follow these sign-posts. On a hilly and challenging track you pass by Nidel Löffel, Leidbach and Hauderalp, where dairymen sometimes keep fresh milk cooling in the fountain to refresh thirsty bikers. After a few bends on the road to Monstein the route again branches off on an exciting single track towards Oberalp and Inneralp and then downhill to Monstein. This picturesque village is worth a stop and the inns in the attractive Walser village offer bikers a warm welcome in their garden restaurants. In Monstein, you will also find the «last beerstop before heaven» - a small brewery that produces local beer.
After a break to refuel, you follow the route 338 Zügenschlucht. From Monstein, the route leads in the direction of the old silver mines, first along a wide forest trail. A gradual climb leads up all the way to Teuf Zügji. Here you take the single track on your right and get on a technically demanding section towards Jenisberg. This part is only a pleasure for bikers free from giddiness, as there are some deep gorges along the way, while you pass by Brunnentöbeli, Löser, Chüetobel to get to the junction towards Jenisberg.
A little detour to Jenisberg is worthwhile because of the outstanding view and the little pub called Gässälibeiz. The Alps Epic Trail however branches off in the junction before, taking a right that takes you on an exciting downhill run into the Zügenschlucht gorge. The route then leads along the old Zügenstrasse to Wiesen station. The best panoramic view of the gorge is from the Bärentritt (short flight of steps). At Wiesen Station you leave the route 337 and follow the guidepost to Leidboden. Follow the trail along the Landwasser until you stand below the Landwasserviadukt. Now, the last climb leads you up to the train station of Filisur. To shorten the wait for the train, you should treat yourself with the excellent regional ice cream, available at the pub of the train station.

The Alps Epic Trail has not been signposted. Please read the description for orientation.

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Destination Davos Klosters
Davos Destinations-Organisation (Genossenschaft)
Talstrasse 41
CH-7270 Davos Platz
Tel: +41(0)81 415 21 21
Internet: User
Antonella Klee
Updated: 2017-07-21

Difficulty moderate
Technique S2,
2568 m
974 m



Jakobshorn, Bergstation (2566 m)
Geogr. 46.772330 N 9.848593 E
UTM 32T 564788 5180214


Wildlife refuge Rotschwald, Glaris: Do not enter the nature reserve from 20.12 until 30.04.

Getting there:

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike


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Dominic Zeidtler
An alle die hier unqualifzierte Kommentare zu meinem ursprünglichen Kommentar abgeben. Wenn das hier so der Standard ist, sollte die Kommentar funktion ausgeschaltet werden... und zu meiner Einstellung.. ich bin immerhin dieses Jahr schon 70000hm plus hochgeradelt mit dem MTB. Nichts für ungut...

Michi Wild
Lieber Dominic Zeidtler und Ulrich Büscher. Es ist völlig okay wenn ihr den Trail als uncool und nicht flowig empfindet. Es geht den meisten Bikern so wie euch. Ihr seht Zahlen mit vielen Tiefenmetern. Und schon haben alle das Gefühl, man habe einen "Flowtag". Der Epictrail ist ein Mountainbiketrail! Mann muss sich das Bier und Eis in Filisur hart erarbeiten. Das gesamte Packet macht den Trail episch, dazu gehört auch Schwitzen. Kommt doch nochmals vorbei. Mit der richtigen Einstellung werdet auch ihr 100%ig überzeugt sein von diesem absolut grandiosen Trailerlebnis.

Gerrit Kahn
Done at

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Difficulty S2 moderate
Distance 40.1 km
Duration 4:15 h
Ascent 916 m
Descent 2401 m


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