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Rhäzünser Alp - Heinzenberg - Domleschg

Mountainbiking • Graubuenden
  • Blick ins Safiental mit Piz Fess
    / Blick ins Safiental mit Piz Fess
    Photo: Graubünden Ferien & Geo-Tracks
  • Aufstieg zur Alp
    / Aufstieg zur Alp
    Photo: Graubünden Ferien & Geo-Tracks
  • Kurz vor der Bonaduzer Alp Sut
    / Kurz vor der Bonaduzer Alp Sut
    Photo: Graubünden Ferien & Geo-Tracks
  • Bei der Bonaduzer Alp
    / Bei der Bonaduzer Alp
    Photo: Graubünden Ferien & Geo-Tracks
  • Blick in die Surselva
    / Blick in die Surselva
    Photo: Graubünden Ferien & Geo-Tracks
  • Blick zur Ringelspitze und Calandamassiv
    / Blick zur Ringelspitze und Calandamassiv
    Photo: Graubünden Ferien & Geo-Tracks
  • Rhäzünser Alp Sura (1506 m.ü.M.)
    / Rhäzünser Alp Sura (1506 m.ü.M.)
    Photo: Graubünden Ferien & Geo-Tracks
  • Abfahrt - Tunnel Richtung Alp Nova
    / Abfahrt - Tunnel Richtung Alp Nova
    Photo: Graubünden Ferien & Geo-Tracks
Map / Rhäzünser Alp - Heinzenberg - Domleschg
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55 km
6:00 h
1775 m
1775 m
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Extensively bike tour on cultural-historical paths. Many castles and mansions can be found in the Domleschg. Some of them are still inhabited nowadays and used as cultural sites or for catering services (Schloss Tagstein & Schloss Schauenstein), while others are fallen into ruin.

This tour is mainly on asphalted and graveled roads. The first part of the tour takes you to the mountainside of Domleschg with the Bonaduzer and Rhäzünser Alp, the Heinzenberg and wonderful views into the Domleschg and Sa-fien valleys. On the second part you leasurely ride through the handsome villages and scenery of the Domleschg valley. The beautiful Canova lake is a good spot for taking a swim and relaxing at the lakeside. The last section then is on the historical Polenweg, a path above the Rhine river, that has been built by Polish internees during the second world war. At the junction of point 665 take a left and ride back to Reichenau-Tamins, the starting point of the tour.

The starting point in Reichenau-Tamins can be reached from Chur by railway or car (there is a parking area).

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Chur Tourismus
Chur Information am Bahnhof
Bahnhofplatz 3
CH-7001 Chur
Tel.: +41 (0)81 252 18 18

Difficulty moderate
Technique S1,
1771 m
589 m


Chur, train station (604 m)
Geogr. 46.823982 N 9.412735 E
UTM 32T 531481 5185686


Wildlife refuge Heinzenberg: Do not enter the nature reserve from 20.12 until 30.03.

Getting there:

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike


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Difficulty S1 moderate
Distance 55 km
Duration 6:00 h
Ascent 1775 m
Descent 1775 m


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