What is the difference between Summary, Description and Turn-by-turn directions?

When you create a route on our portal, you have the option to add a summary, a description, and turn-by-turn directions for the route. But what is the difference exactly?

Summary: the business card of your route

The summary provides the first impression of the route and describes its character. It also lists the most important keywords, such as activity type, name of the destination, name of the path, and places or points of interest.

This text is automatically highlighted as a summary in the frontend and displayed in the search engine hits. The challenge is therefore to find the balance between a text that is too short and lacking detail and a description that is too detailed and overwhelming.

Important: Without entering a short description and a title, no further editing of the route is possible.


Tip: Ideally, your short description should consist of two to three sentences (without paragraphs) or a two to three line summary. The ideal length is no more than 180 characters.

Description: everything that is important to you

The description serves as a detailed explanation of the impressions and conditions to be expected during the route. It is mainly about the experience, the character and the difficulty/ suitability of the route as well as the sights along the way. You should describe the route in the same way you would describe it to hiking friends.


Tip: Make sure to structure your text with paragraphs and keep to a maximum length of 1000 characters so that the description is easy to read on the move.

Turn-by-turn Directions: navigation instructions in writing

The route description differs significantly from the turn-by-turn directions - and that is because turn-by-turn directions relate only to the pure facts of the route. It describes the pure course of the route, with the aim that the route can be taken solely on the basis of the directions. It is usually a kind of point-to-point description. It can be presented in the form of a list of the most important places along a route ("Schwarzfeld - Reistingen - Scherlesfeld - Hermenfeld"). Better, however, is a detailed explanation of the route ("From Schwarzfeld you walk along the Eglinger Straße to Reistingen").


Tip: A good turn-by-turn description does not necessarily have to be long. The most important goal is that it provides good local navigation assistance.

Authors Tip: the personal touch

The author's tip provides space for your personal comments and recommendations on special highlights of the route, e.g. on viewpoints or refreshment stops. This text is displayed more prominently on the platform. It should be kept as short as possible, longer explanations are more likely to be found in the description.


Tip: 50-150 characters should be enough to give a good insight into the route.