Hochkönig (2.941 m) (2. September 2011)


01 Nordalpenweg, E26 (alpin): Matras-Haus - Riemannhaus

25.07.2021 · Community
How does one get water on this tour? Buy at the huts? Melt ice / snow?

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Antwort von Thomas Klodt  · 25.07.2021 · Community
There are no natural sources. No fountains or anything similar. Melting ice is not a good idea. You can buy water at the huts. You have to carry at least 3 l, depending on the weather.
That's right no water on this tour. Either you carry up enough (2-3 litres for sure on this tour only - not counting descent - depending on weather) or you buy something at Riemannhaus or Matrashaus. In early summer there might be melting water at Wildalmkirchlbiwak but I would not rely on this.
Antwort von Peter Baksa · 26.07.2021 · Community
Thanks. I'm planning to tour from Werfen to Lofer, carrying 10 l uphill to be on the safe side is out of the question :)
Carry 10 extra Euros for water on the huts and you'll save some kilos. ;)
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