Auf der Ennsbrücke im Nationalpark Gesäuse


Ennsradweg - Durch die Welt der Berge und des Wassers


Anthony Fleming

02.06.2021 · Community
I want to do a cycle ride from Munich to Steyr. Is it possible/practical? I understand there should be a dedicated cycle route most of the way. Can you let me know, Anthony

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Hello, you have different posibilities, but I would prefer the following route: from Munich to Salzburg please look at the website from Salzburg to Trautenfels on the Ennsradweg you take the Salzkammergutradweg: (from Bad Mitterndorf to Trautenfels you`ll find a local cycling path) and from Trautenfels to Steyr you take the Ennsradweg: Yours sincerely, Günther
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