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Cortina dayhike Tre Cime di Lavaredo

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Mapa / Cortina dayhike Tre Cime di Lavaredo

An easy, popular trail leads around the iconic Tre Cime to the rifugio Locatelli, with gorgeous views throughout.  Return via a lesser traveled, trail that completes a circuit of the peaks.

Délka 10,8 km
4:30 h
525 m
534 m
2 532 m
2 169 m

Cortina d’Ampezzo is surrounded by beautiful hikes, but perhaps the most famous is the classic hike to the Tre Cime, called Drei Zinnen in German. It’s not going to be a remote walk - the Tre Cime are like the Matterhorn to the Dolomites - well photographed and admired the world over. You’ve probably seen them on posters and calendars around the Dolomites, and they are very handsome. Three sheer towers standing side-by-side that top out at 2999 meters.

This hike starts and finishes with a longish bus or taxi, so there is some travel time to account for and return schedules to keep an eye on. But this is a classic walk, a beautiful, striking mountain, and a nice way to spend a day around Cortina. 

You can stop for lunch at rifugio Locatelli at the half-way point. or at Langalm just past that.


Profilový obrázek Troy Haines
Troy Haines 
Datum poslední změny: 13.11.2022
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2 532 m
Nejnižší bod
2 169 m
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Zastávky na odpočinek

Rifugio Auronzo
Rifugio Lavaredo
Drei Zinnen Hütte

Tipy a rady

If it rains...  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this hike in the rain, at least to Locatelli and back.  You are above tree line and exposed to the elements, but the trail to the hut is easy to follow and never difficult.  In bad visibility, you might skip the loop trip back, as trail markers can be pretty sparse along that route, and choose to do an out-and-back hike instead.


Auronzo hut (2 294 m)
46.612060, 12.294400
46°36'43.4"N 12°17'39.8"E
33T 292825 5165611


Locatelli hut

Popis trasy

  •  You’ll start by taking the taxi or bus from Cortina to rifugio Auronzo. This will take 40 minutes by taxi or an hour by bus. Check with your hotel for current schedule and be sure to check the return schedule. There is a large parking lot at rifugio Auronzo, plus the Auronzo hut itself.

  • Start by walking east from the Auronzo hut along the wide trail (trail 101 - a small gravel road) that leads easily to Lavaredo hut and then slightly up to the Paternsattel/Lavaredo pass.  Views are superb throughout.

  • Drop down from the pass to the north another hour to rifugio Locatelli, also called Drei Zinnen hut, a great spot to admire the view and have lunch.  The rifugio was built in 1883, making it one of the earlier huts in the Dolomites.

  • Optional side-trip:  You can hike to the top of the nearby Sasso di Sesto (Sextenerstein) for additional views. Just above the Locatelli hut is the Sasso di Sesto, its walls pierced by windows dating from the war. Start north on trail 102 from the hut, veering immediately left on the trail to the via ferrata Torre di Toblin. Follow this trail up with another left at the saddle to reach the 2539 m peak of Sasso di Sesto, about 20-25 minutes from the hut. The views are beautiful and include the Tofane, Cristallo and the distant glacier of the Marmolada off to the southwest. When you’re ready, return to rifugio Locatelli the way you came.
  • Easy return: You can simply retrace your steps on trail 101 the way you came, and in fact this is what most people do.
  • Moderate loop: For a slightly longer hike though, it’s possible to do a loop to the west around the Tre Cime group - the trail is well-marked and easy to follow.
  •  Drop back down below Locatelli hut to trail 102/105 and keep left when it forks on trail 105 to traverse the wide basin below the Tre Cime.  Much quieter and more peaceful than the main trail in, this route will give you more time to appreciate the majesty of the mountains all around you.

  • Soon, the trail starts to rise again and you will pass the Langalm (Long Olbe) shepard’s hut and simple alpine restaurant (cash only). Continue up to the pass at Col de Mezo, and then left on the flat trail that brings you back to rifugio Auronzo.

  • Return by bus or taxi to Cortina.


46.612060, 12.294400
46°36'43.4"N 12°17'39.8"E
33T 292825 5165611
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10,8 km
Doba trvání
4:30 h
525 m
534 m
Nejvyšší bod
2 532 m
Nejnižší bod
2 169 m
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