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My Map

‘My Map’ allows you to customize content shown on the map. You can add content such as routes, destinations and POI and display the content on the map when ever you activate the My Map feature.

The feature "My Map" is available for you to access in all map views on the platform. It enables you to store content directly on the map, helping you plan and organize.


Adding contents to “My Map“

Regardless of whether you are just browsing our content or have something specific you want to save, just one click on the "My Map" button allows you to add all the content that is important to you, directly to your map view.

The button itself is displayed on the map as a small “M”. If you have already added content to "My Map", a check will also be shown.


Activating and deactivating “My Map“

The "My Map " option is available in every route's detail page and can be activated and deactivated at any time by clicking on the button in the lower right corner of the map .

The Route Planner's menu also gives you the option to "Show on map".

You can activate "My Map'' in the Route Planner if your aim is to undertake existing routes that you have slightly modified. The original route will be shown on the map, which you can then expand, shorten or reverse according to your needs.


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