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The cycling trail network

The digital trail network is a useful tool for your outdoor trips. You are able to see just by glancing at the map the layout of all the official and signposted cycle paths. Not only does this simplify your route planning, but it also provides you with orientation once you are on your bike.

The digital trail network

Our digital trail network seeks to create a complete, virtual image of all trails that have been signposted.

In order to be as accurate as possible when creating the Outdooractive maps and route networks, we use the geodata of official surveying bodies and work closely with our tourism partners.

The cycling trail network on the map

All local cycling trails are shown on the map as thin, purple lines.

If these lines have been specially labeled, they are considered ‘premium’ or quality routes that have been selected according to official criteria. These routes are also clearly marked on signage once you are in the area.

Long-distance cycling trails are generally labeled and represented by thick, purple line. Any route that includes two or more full-day stages is considered to be long-distance.

What is the application of the cycling trail network?

The trail network can be placed on the map as an additional layer, enabling you see all officially signposted routes at a glance.


The network plays a greater role in the route planner. An individual route network is stored in the system for each activity. This means that if you are planning to go “Cycling” (as an activity), the routes suggested to you (e.g. moutnain bike Transalp or Long Distance Cycling) are automatically generated based on the official cycling trail network.

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