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The horseback riding trail network

Our digital trail network shows you all the suitable riding trails. When creating the network, we rely on the support of local tourism partners and contributions from our community. The network also helps you to calculate best routes when using the Route Planner.  

The digital network for horseback riding

In contrast to other trail networks, the horseback riding network is not a self-contained network. It is also not based on the locally signposted network, as the data basis for this is not sufficient.

Instead, we refer to the complete range of paths on which, in the opinion of our tourism partners and our large community, you can ride. These trails can be signposted locally as hiking or cycling trails and do not necessarily have to be signposted for horseback riding explicitly.

The trail network on the map

By displaying the trail network on the map, you can see all the marked paths that are suitable for your route planning at a glance. All local horseback riding trails are shown with thin yellow-green lines.

What is the application of the horseback riding trail network?

The trail network can be placed on the map as an additional layer, enabling you to see all routes at a glance.

The network plays a greater role in the route planner. An individual route network is stored in the system for each activity. This means that if you are planning to go “Horseback riding” (as an activity), the routes suggested to you are automatically generated based on the horseback riding trail network.

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