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The mountain biking trail network

The digital trail network accompanies you in the planning of your rides. The specific network for mountain biking can be selected as an activity when looking at the map, which allows you to know which routes are suitable.

the Digital Mountain Biking Trail Network

In contrast to the other trail networks, the one for mountain biking is not self-contained and is not based on special signage, as this is often unavailable for mountain bikers.

Instead, we rely on routes that have been determined and created by our tourism partners and community members as being suitable for mountain biking. As mentioned before, these might be signposted on site as hiking or cycling routes as opposed to mountain biking specifically.

The mountain biking trail network on the map

We distinguish two types of mountain bike trails on our map. Trails (single trails or mountain bike tours) are represented by thin, orange lines. Transalp options are shown as thick, orange lines.
From a certain zoom level (100 m) we show the mountain bike trail network in different colors. These correspond to the colors of the route types in the interactive elevation profile of the route planner. This allows you to readily decide on a preferred route during the planning phase.
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All routes – from the motorway to the via ferrata – can be classified differently due to their nature (e.g. width, ...

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What is the application of the mountain biking trail network?

The mountain biking trail network can be placed on the map as an additional level, enabling you to see all the routes that are ideal for mountain biking at a glance.

The network plays a greater role in the route planner. An individual route network is stored in the system for each activity. This means that if you are planning to “Mountain Bike” (as an activity), the routes automatically generated and suggested to you based on this.

Some issues faced in creating the digital mountain biking trail network

Mapping a digital network of mountain bike routes is often a difficult exercise. The supply of and demand for them exists - but not every region is equally receptive to the idea, which can lead to some disagreements at a local level.  

We try as much as we can to strike a balance between offering a decent variety of trails and keeping the peace!

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