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    Amrum beach Foto: DolfiAm, pixabay.com

Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea and Hallig Islands

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Kaart / Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea and Hallig Islands
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Fascinating Wadden Sea

The Wadden Sea on the North Sea coast is a unique habitat that has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009. It stretches from the Netherlands to Denmark and is protected across borders, with three national parks in Germany alone. The largest of these is the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park.

In the Wadden Sea, everything happens in rhythm with the ebb and flow of the tide. All is in motion: as fast as the water comes and goes, the landscape changes as well. The Wadden Sea is home to grey seals and countless wading birds, and every year it is a resting place for millions of migratory birds on their way south. Many animal and plant species are found only here.

Fascinating Wadden Sea
Seals on a beach on Sylt
Foto: falco, pixabay.com

Experience the world of the Wadden Sea in Schleswig-Holstein

The North Sea islands are not only a habitat for animals, but also a unique home for people and a destination worth seeing for visitors. There are four islands in the area of the national park: Sylt, Amrum, Föhr and Pellworm. In addition, there are the many Hallig islands, five of which are inhabited. It is worth visiting more than one island, because they all have their own unique experiences to offer: Strolling in Westerland on Sylt, sunbathing on the Kniepsand on Amrum or watching seals on Föhr.

On the mainland, a unique cultural landscape behind the dikes is waiting to be explored by bike or on foot. In the beautiful coastal towns and on all the larger islands, there are also national park centers and exciting museums that provide information about the unique world of the Wadden Sea.

The Red Cliff on Sylt in the evening
Foto: Monica Gumm, Sylt Marketing GmbH


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