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Loop trail with hike up to the top of Mount Cornicoletto, Belmonte and Vedetta Alta in the Maddalena Group

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  • Cima Belmonte e Cima Vedetta Alta
    Cima Belmonte e Cima Vedetta Alta
    Photo: APT Val di Non, APT Val di Non
An excursion packed with satisfaction that winds along the most beautiful peaks and ridges of the wild Maddalena mountain range, on the border with South Tyrol.
Distance 11.9 km
6:00 h
1,175 m
1,175 m
2,625 m
1,679 m
An exciting loop trail to cover in one day that links together three famous peaks in the Maddalena Group: Mount Cornicoletto Peak, Belmonte Peak and Vedetta Alta Peak. The excursion does not entail any particular technical difficulties barring some confidence with high mountain environments and with exposed trails and ridges. The itinerary is always well marked and the only section without any markings on the ground but with an evident trail is between Mount Cornicoletto Peak and Belmonte Peak.

Author’s recommendation

As you make your way down from Vedetta Alta Peak, we recommend you take a break at one of the three malga mountain huts along the path back down: Malga Kessel, Malga di Revò and Malga di Cloz.
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Update: September 09, 2021
Highest point
Cima Vedetta Alta, 2,625 m
Lowest point
1,679 m
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Track types

Dirt road 21.18%Forested/wild trail 1.66%Path 66.87%Unknown 10.27%
Dirt road
2.5 km
Forested/wild trail
0.2 km
7.9 km
1.2 km
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Safety information

Please note that the practicability of the itineraries in a mountain environment is strictly linked to the contingent conditions and is therefore influenced by natural phenomena, environmental changes and weather conditions. For this reason, the information contained in this page may have changed. Before leaving for a tour, make sure the path you will approach is still accessible by contacting the owner of the mountain hut, the alpine guides or the visitor centres of the nature parks, the info offices of the local tourist board.

Tips and hints

CAI / SAT trail difficulty classification:


Hofmahd car park between Val di Non and Val d'Ultimo (1,688 m)
46.506414, 11.043710
46°30'23.1"N 11°02'37.4"E
32T 656797 5152345


Hofmahd car park between Val di Non and Val d'Ultimo

Turn-by-turn directions

Difficulty: EE (expert hikers)

From the car park, follow the signs to the nearby Malga di Cloz which you will swiftly reach along the gravel road. Once you are at the malga mountain hut, take trail no. 7 which climbs uphill of the malga to reach the ruins of Malga Paiol. Continue uphill, again following trail marker no. 7 aiming for the saddle between Mount Cornicolo and Mount Cornicoletto Peak and ignoring the fork on the left with trail number 10 which would instead take you to Belmonte Peak. The trail gradually becomes steeper and zig-zags its way along the steep slope to reach the saddle between the two peaks. From the saddle, the nearby Mount Cornicoletto Peak and its ridge made up of rocks and grass patches is clearly visible on the left. Take extra care tackling the ridge and you will soon reach Mount Cornicoletto Peak, the first of the three peaks 2294 m a.s.l.

Once you have left a note and signed the summit book, continue your descent along the ridge towards the South-West, aiming for the nearby Belmonte Peak. The trail here is not very well marked but the path to follow is quite obvious since you have to go down the ridge and then climb the ridge up to Belmonte Peak or Schöngrub 2454 m a.s.l. The cross and a summit book can also be found on this summit, so you can leave a testimony of your presence.

Now begins the beautiful crossing to the last of the three peaks, Vedetta Alta Peak. As you descend from the ridge of Belmonte Peak towards the West, you will come across trail no. 22 that leads you straight ahead with a few ups and downs among grassy patches. There is a metal rope in two sections of the trail to facilitate you as you cross a rocky slope that does not entail any technical challenges.

You will then reach Vedetta Alta Peak 2624 m a.s.l., the third highest peak in the Maddalena Group and a favourite destination owing to the spectacular views it offers. Once you have left a comment in this summit book placed on the cross too, the long descent begins along trail no. 11 down the rocky ridge first and along the green meadows after, until you reach the comfortable Malga Kessel.

From the malga mountain hut, continue downhill along the forest road until you pass the sixth bend, where you’ll find the junction with the trail leading to the nearby Malga di Revò and then on to the Malga di Cloz. From here, continue along the gravel road you took at the beginning to return to the car park.

By road

From Val di Non, continue towards Val d'Ultimo driving through the towns of Rumo, Revò or Castelfondo.


After the town of Proveis in the province of Bolzano, take a short tunnel at the end of which you’ll find a large gravel car park on the right.


46.506414, 11.043710
46°30'23.1"N 11°02'37.4"E
32T 656797 5152345
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike


Hiking boots and trekking poles should suffice to help you descend.

Questions and answers

Question from Giustina · September 19, 2021 · Community
c'è scritto creste esposte... ma abbastanza larghe e praticabili o sdrucciolevoli e sconsigliate a chi ha paura? non sono novellina di montagna... ma cerco di evitare le parti troppo esposte e friabili, sopratutto se vado da sola
Show more
Answered by Paolo Bertoldi  · July 22, 2022 · Community
Salve Giustina, è poi più andata a fare questo giro ?
Question from ROBERTA F. · October 20, 2019 · Community
dove posso trovare gite organizzate? o dove posso trovare un accompagnatore? grazie
Show more
Answered by Markus Hochgruber · October 20, 2019 · Community
Ciao, da dove sei tu? Se sei del Trentino Alto Adige conviene d‘iscrirsi al CAI/AVS del Alto Adige. Loro organizzano tutto l‘anno gite per i soci. Buona Serata Markus


Robert Härter 
September 29, 2016 · Community
Für einen normalen Wanderer ist diese Tour SCHWARZ und nicht rot. Einige Passagen sind nicht so gesichert wie man es erwarten könnte, andere sind mit Ketten gesichert jedoch nicht ohne Risiko zu begehen. Wenn man das weiß, ist es eine fantastische Tour mit tollen Ausblicken. Kondition ist unserer Meinung nach eher 5 von 6 oder 6 von 6.
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Donnerstag, 29. September 2016 22:47:54
Photo: Robert Härter, Community

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11.9 km
6:00 h
1,175 m
1,175 m
Highest point
2,625 m
Lowest point
1,679 m
Circular route Scenic Refreshment stops available Summit route


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