Die alte Ponalestraße, ein Muss des GardaTrentino


733. Riva del Garda - Prè - Passo Guil - Pregasina


Dragan T

19.04.2019 · Community
Not for not experienced or welltrained cyklists. I do not recomend kids on this track. From Pre you will have 2,5km with 18-23% uphill on concrete. With a normal xc mtb (no e-bike) it is very hard. I had to walk part of it to save my 51 year old mediumtrained hart. After the houses you get more normal tracks. Going down when you come to Passo Roccetta it gets a bit super-technical and dangerous for 1km. Steep with drops, very sharp rocks, narrow, roots and so on. Be careful here if you are not experinced. After that part you take right and then you have normal tracks again. I got 1230 m climbing on my garmin watch and bikecomputer. It took 3 hours with only some quick photo-stops. Very tough but with beautiful views as always. Almost no other riders going up from Pre and I understand why 😉
View of Pre from the first stop.
View of Pre from the first stop.
Foto: Dragan T, Community

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