Arrival of the official Bike Marathon


772. Ronda Grande (All Mountain)


Leon Meijer

August 08, 2018 · Community
Next to the Tremalzo tour one of the nices tours i did during my staying in Arco. Not an easy one!! It begins with steep asphalt climbs through Tenno. After that it flows into schotter and concrete roads through the woods which is nice but you may not enjoy it because it will get steeper and steeper! (20+ %). Between the climbs and after the last climb you will get rewarded with very very nice (singletrack)trails. The nices i have seen during my staying in Arco. (I started and finished in Arco, altimeters where 2600Hm)
woensdag 8 augustus 2018 20:22
woensdag 8 augustus 2018 20:22
Photo: Leon Meijer, Community

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