What is a "Plan"?

When creating your own route on Outdooractive, its details will first appear under the heading “Plans“.  You can access these in your profile under “My Page“ → “My Content“ → “Plans“.

How to create a plan

To create a plan, you can either open the Route Planner or go to “My Page“ → “Plans“ → “Plan a new route“. Now you set your waypoints A, B, C, etc. and then save them by clicking “Save plan“.

Any GPX tracks you import are also initially saved as “plans“.



Plans form the base of a “route” and cannot be published. The second stage involves turning this plan into a route, which you can then publish if you want. As soon as a route is created from a plan, the plan is deleted.

The advantage of this two-step process is that it provides you with a useful and quick overview of where you are in the development of the route. You can also use this feature to create a simple interim plan when you are out and about and then edit it later in detail to create a route which you can then publish.

What defines a plan?

  • It was generated either via the Route Planner or created by uploading a GPX track.
  • It forms the basis of creating a route.
  • Comprises only a title and track geometry.
  • It cannot be published.
  • It is deleted as soon as it becomes a “Route“.

You can find out more about how you can convert a plan into a route here.

Please note: In order to plan or create a route you must first be registered with us. 

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