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Borgo Valsugana - Telve - Carzano - Scurelle - Castelnuovo

Race cycling · Valsugana, Lagorai, Tesino
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  • Vista da Telve
    / Vista da Telve
    Photo: storytravelers, CC BY-SA, APT Valsugana e Lagorai
  • Tramonto in Valsugana
    / Tramonto in Valsugana
    Photo: Storytravelers, CC BY-SA, APT Valsugana e Lagorai
  • /
    Photo: APT Valsugana, APT Valsugana e Lagorai
  • Vigneti a Scurelle
    / Vigneti a Scurelle
    Photo: Storytravelers, CC BY-SA, APT Valsugana e Lagorai
  • Mostra permanente della Grande Guerra in Valsugana e sul Lagorai
    / Mostra permanente della Grande Guerra in Valsugana e sul Lagorai
    Photo: VisitTrentino
  • Parco Fluviale di Carzano
    / Parco Fluviale di Carzano
    Photo: Ecomuseo del Lagorai, CC BY-SA, APT Valsugana e Lagorai
150 300 450 600 750 m km 2 4 6 8 10 12 Zug Bahnhof Borgo Valsugana Est Parkplatz Via Giovannelli Mostra permanente della Grande Guerra in Valsugana e sul Lagorai

Easy itinerary, ideal for discovering the villages of Valsugana riding through the fruit orchards in the Spring and through the coloured vineyards in the Autumn

12 km
1:15 h
267 m
267 m

This route was cycled during the Italian national biking championship in 2012 for the competition by the professional bikers. It starts in Borgo Valsugana, you ascend till Telve, which is the highest point of this route. You then descend through the villages of Carzano, Scurelle and Castelnuovo, which are marked by soft fruit cultivations and apple orchards, which make the spring route more colourful. You go back to Brenta along the cycling path along Brenta river.



Author’s recommendation

In the spring, stop and look at the colors of the flowering orchards between Castelnuovo, Scurelle and Carzano. User
APT Valsugana
Updated: December 04, 2018

Highest point
600 m
Lowest point
350 m
Best time of year

Safety information

Give your bike a regular checkup, especially if you've had it for years.

Be seen: you must wear a high vis jacket (or sash) in tunnels and on country roads after sunset.

Always wear your helmet.

Make sure your front and rear lights are working.

Put out your arm to give advance warning of your intention to change position and before you do anything, check there are no vehicles coming up behind you.

Don't use headphones or your mobile phone handsfree kit: you need all your concentration on the road!

Obey the road signs: stop at traffic lights and don't ride on the wrong side of the road.

If you are cycling in a group, always go in single file.

Please note that the practicability of the itineraries in a mountain environment is strictly linked to the contingent conditions and is therefore influenced by natural phenomena, environmental changes and weather conditions. For this reason, the information contained in this page may have changed. Before leaving for a tour, make sure the path you will approach is still accessible by contacting the owner of the mountain hut, the alpine guides or the visitor centres of the nature parks, the info offices of the local tourist board.


Always wear your helmet.

We advice to bring with you water and some snacks

Tips, hints and links

APT Valsugana - tel. +39 0461 727700 -


Borgo Valsugana (380 m)
46.051007, 11.470288
32T 691102 5102681


Borgo Valsugana

Turn-by-turn directions

From the parking place in Via Giovannelli, cross the Brenta River and turn left onto Via del Serà until you reach Corso Vicenza.

Turn right and after 100 meters take the SP110 on the left. Continue for about 2 km until you reach the roundabout at the beginning of Telve.

Take the third exit onto via Nale and, after about 300 meters, turn left onto the SP 65 and continue until you reach the SP31.

Then turn right and go down for about 1.5 km. Turn left on the SP 111, reach the village of Carzano and overtake it along the three hairpin until you reach the Torrente Maso.

Continue along Via del Murazzo, passing nearby the village of Scurelle until you find the SP41. Turn right to reach Castelnuovo and, at the roundabout, go straight passing under the SS 47 viaduct.

Turn right onto the Valsugana cycling path, which leads back to the starting point in about 2 km.

Public transport

By train or public bus : Stop Borgo Valsugana Est

Getting there

From SS 47 of Valsugana exit in Borgo Valsugana and reach the parking place in via G.Giovannelli next to the main bus/train station Borgo Valsugana Est.

You can reach the starting point with the Valsugana Cycling path too.


parking place close to the bus station, located in via G. Giovannelli - Borgo Valsugana

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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12 km
1:15 h
267 m
267 m
Loop Scenic With refreshment stops


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