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Cable car to Rigi Kulm and walk to Rigi Kaltbad, cable car to Weggis

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  • 1. Head to shed at end of tracks to start
    / 1. Head to shed at end of tracks to start
    Foto: Jo Payne, Macs Adventure
  • / 2. Excellent views open up once leaving the station behind
    Foto: Jo Payne, Macs Adventure
  • / 3. Right turn at farm buildings onto tracks
    Foto: Jo Payne, Macs Adventure
  • / 4. Drinking water available on the route
    Foto: Jo Payne, Macs Adventure
  • / 5. Trail from Rigi First to Rigi Kaltbad
    Foto: Jo Payne, Macs Adventure
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Take the cable car to the hamlet of Rigi Kaltbald where you will change to the cog railway which will take you to the summit of Rigi; Rigi Kulm at 1797m above sea level. Spend some time on the summit admiring the views; on a clear day you can see no fewer than 13 lakes as well as an impresive panorama of mountain peaks. Have a bite to eat or  relax with a drink in the summit restaurant before starting this easy going walk back down to Rigi Kaltbad, from where you can take the cable car back down to Weggis. 
6,1 km
2:30 h
135 hm
451 hm

Today’s walk starts at the Rigi Kulm train station just below the 1791m summit. To reach Rigi Kulm, take the cable car from Weggis to Rigi Kaltbad (around 10min journey time). Here you will change and take the cog railway (the stuff of Swiss chocolate box images), to Rigi Kulm train station (12 min journey).

If you are feeling energetic, you can walk from Rigi Kaltbad to Rigi Kulm. Walking time would be around 60 minutes with around 300m of ascent over 3km. The climb is steady and although well paved, is uphill all the way. The route does give excellent views across to the lake and you will walk close to the train tracks in parts so you will get to see the train travelling up and down the mountain. A steep, testing walk with excellent views, there are plenty of rest stops on the way up to Rigi Kulm. Please see seperate map/GPS track for this option. 

On arrival at Rigi Kulm Station, take time to enjoy the far reaching views across the rolling green alpine valleys, over the lake and to the distant snowy peaks. From here, your route descends on a wide gravel track (be careful of the loose surface), through farms, alpine cafes and via the villages Rigi Klosterli, Rigi First, finishing at Rigi Kaltbad where you will return by cable car to Weggis. A superb day of walking which encompasses the engineering feats of Swiss mountain travel, stunning mountain views and plenty of opportunities to sample locally produced alpine cheese gives you the perfect taste of Switzerland’s mountain culture.


It's a real joy to be up high to appreciate the extensive views across the lake and chocolate box villages below. Weather permitting this walk is a must for a picnic. Pick up some breads and cheese on the morning (there is a Volg supermarket in Weggis open early everyday or the lakeside bakery) and then pick a panoramic picnic spot on the route down. There is also an excellent local alpine café where you can taste an extensive number of regional cheese (around 1km after leaving Rigi Kulm). Do check the timings of the cable cars and trains. Your hotel will have timetables and there are timetables at the respective stations too.
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Always be prepared for a change in conditions and do wear weather appropriate kit. Always carry enough food and water with you and personal kit that is necessary to your well being. Good, sturdy walking shoes are required and if you usually walk with poles, you may like to use these today.

The routes are well marked and generally in very good condition. Much of the descent today will be on gravel tracks, so be careful of loose stones underfoot. You will be walking through fields where cows and other livestock graze. Although docile, do keep your distance and walk calmly when passing through fields of cows. Be vigilant of cows when passing cows with calves.

You will walk through hillside villages and along country and farm roads. Please always be mindful of traffic, especially on sections that have no pedestrian footpath.

Weitere Infos und Links

Point of Interest 

1) Rigi Railways. If you're a rail afficionado or not, the feat of Swiss engineering is mightly impressive. Taking passengers up Rigi Kulm since 1871, the cog railway takes just under 15 minutes from Rigi Kaltbad to under the summit of Rigi Kulm (1797m). Cute red carriages steadily climb up the mountainside, taking you back to an era when this was cutting edge travel.

2) Mineralbad and Spa Kaltbad. If you want to rest and relax after your walk there is no better way than to book into the Mineralbad and Spa hotel in Kaltbad. You don't have to be an overnight guest to use the facilties. You can select various packages, depending on your preference. Bathe in soothing waters with panoramic views of the alps. For prices and reservations you can contact the hotel

3) Alpkaeserei Chesereholz Around a km from begining your walk, this farmhouse and cafe offers great views from their terrace and an extensive menu of locally produced cheese. With the majority of todays walk downhill, you've plenty of time for a long lunch of goats and cows cheese before walking it all off.


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Rigi Kulm Rail Station (1.749 m)
47.055279, 8.484782
47°03'19.0"N 8°29'05.2"E
32T 460870 5211435


Rigi Kaltbad Cable Car Station


Your walk starts from the train station of Rigi Kulm. First take the cable care from Weggis to Rigi Kaltbad.

From your finishing point yesterday, with your back to the lake cross the road and bear right uphill (signed Rigi Luftseilbahn) with Hotel Viktoria on your right and just up ahead on your left will be the Volg Supermarket. Follow the road up around to your right.

Shortly after you will see a sign to your left 'Rigi Luftseilbahn' 10 min, turn left uphill following the road up between the houses and towards the bridge ahead. Continue to follow the signs for Rigi Luftseilbahn, which will lead right under the bridge and then left up towards the cable car station (toilets are available at the cable car station).

0.0km - On arrival at Rigi Klum station, depending which platform your train arrives at turn to face the large shed at the end of the tracks (refer to image 1) and take the path to the RIGHT of the shed keeping the shed on your LEFT. Following the wide gravel track as it descends between open pastures.

0.6km – BEAR LEFT downhill following signs for ‘Schwandi, Rigi Klosteri’ and 'Alpkaseri Chesereholz’

- IMPORTANT. You will begin to encounter plastic rod gates across the gravel track. These often have a weak electric current running through them to stop the movement of livestock. Always use the small passing place to the left or right of these rod gates to avoid contact with the rods.

1.0km – BEAR LEFT downhill (just after the picnic benches on your right), ‘Schwandi, Rigi Klosteri’.

1.4km - Continue downhill towards the farmbuildings below

1.6km – TURN RIGHT in front of farm building onto grassy path (signed Rigi Klosteri, Rigi Staffel). Within a few metres TURN RIGHT again (see image 3) following yellow walkers sign through the gate and continue along grassy jeep track. The path will follow the contour around gently rising and falling.

2.3km – Continue STRAIGHT ON pass the large shed, ignoring wanderweg right turn to your right.

2.7km – Continue to BEAR LEFT around and uphill on the gravel track. Crossing the stream be careful of slippery stones.

2.8km – At junction BEAR LEFT downhill onto paved road signed ‘Rigi Klosteri’ keeping trees on your left.

3.7km – At junction continue STRAIGHT ON over bridge (wooden walkway above to your right). BEAR RIGHT up hill (you can bear left into the village and take the train back to Rigi Kulm if you so wish).

3.8km – At junction TURN LEFT up steep paved road signed ‘Rigi Kaltbad 45min’. At the top, cross rail with extreme caution and continue climbing the paved road as it swings round to the right and up the graded road (passing an farmhouse café on your left and drinking water on your right, see image 4) up to the village of Rigi First (around 1km).

4.7km – At the junction (buildings on your right and left). TURN RIGHT in front of buildings signed ‘Rigi Kaltbad 20min’. This is an excellent walk back to Rigi Kaltbad with superb views on your left of grazing cows and lake below (see image 5).

6.0km – Arrive at the cable car station of Rigi Kaltbad. This is end of your walk. There are plenty of cafes nearby to take in the surrounding views before returning to Weggis.


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47.055279, 8.484782
47°03'19.0"N 8°29'05.2"E
32T 460870 5211435
Anreise mit der Bahn, dem Auto, zu Fuß oder mit dem Rad


Always check the weather before leaving Weggis. You will ascend 1300m by cable car and train to reach Rigi Kulm and therefore expect a change of conditions on arrival at Rigi Kulm. It's always useful to pack extra wind and waterproof layers along with sun protection. Do wear clothes comfortable for walking, ones which have quick drying properties are excellent in very hot or wet conditions. Good footwear is essential. A good sturdy walking shoe will suffice but you may prefer to wear boots. You may also like to use walking poles today to help soften some of the descents on the knees.

Do take a supply of food and drink with you and any necessary medication, together with a very simple first aid kit.

Please refer to the kit provided in your information pack for a list of other suggested items.

Lastly - don't forget your maps and route notes!

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Cable car to Rigi Kaltbad
Foto: Shiu fai Wai, Community
Rigi Kulm downhill
Foto: Shiu fai Wai, Community
Rigi Kulm to Rigi Kaltbad
Foto: Shiu fai Wai, Community

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Cable car to Rigi Kaltbad
Rigi Kulm downhill
Rigi Kulm to Rigi Kaltbad

6,1 km
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