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Watzmann-Hochkönig South-Loop: Stage 5: Maria Alm – Bischofshofen

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  • Steinernes Meer
    / Steinernes Meer
    Photo: ©Hochkönig Tourismus, ARGE Rad - SalzburgerLand, Chiemgau, Berchtesgadener Land
  • Blick zur Mandlwand
    / Blick zur Mandlwand
    Photo: © TVB Mühlbach am Hochkönig, ARGE Rad - SalzburgerLand, Chiemgau, Berchtesgadener Land
  • Auf der Bürglalm
    / Auf der Bürglalm
    Photo: © Bürglalm, ARGE Rad - SalzburgerLand, Chiemgau, Berchtesgadener Land
Map / Watzmann-Hochkönig South-Loop: Stage 5: Maria Alm – Bischofshofen
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On this stage, we almost always the eponymous Hochkönig in our line of sight. The further we cycle around him, the more impressive is the view of this huge mountain massif. The inviting pastures along the route around the three towns in the region are numerous: Maria Alm, Dienten and Mühlbach am Hochkönig!
54.7 km
11:27 h
1900 m
2050 m

Our route crosses the Griessbach (stream) at the entrance to Maria Alm and leads towards Krallerwinkl. After about 2.5 km, the trail branches off to the right. The paved road ends after the last farm. The following forest road leaves the forest after 2 km, where in a game reserve deer can be seen. Immediately afterwards, we have reached our next destination, the Gasthof Jufen (1,100 m). Just above the Inn is a crossing point to numerous other hiking trails and the Weitwanderweges (long-distance hiking trail) 01A. Here is the actual parking lot of the Inn, and where the paved road begins again. Alternatively, you can take the new Natrunbahn cable car up (taking your bikes along) from the Maria Alm town centre east of the Natrun to connect back onto the main route. Trail Tip: The 3.3km long Trail Flow One from the Natrunbahn Mountain Station to the Valley Station!


At this point, one has to cycle down 100 m into the valley and then onto the main road (Caution: traffic) to be able to climb to the Hinterthal. From there, we cycle into the village to the church, turn to the right and continue upwards, and at the end of the village turn right again. Here, an unpaved path begins, initially down to the creek, before it rises quite steeply. The surface is not the best. In the last bend before Filzensattel, we reach the Federal road (1,200 m). For the last 90m of altitude, we must endure the heavily trafficked road. 50 m in front of the Filzensattel (1,290 m) we turn right and leave the main road again. At this point we still haven't reached the highest point of the route. Our trail climbs to a wide forest track again (approx. 100 m). What follows are only a few light ascents and descents, where throughout one can see the final destination, Dienten am Hochkönig. At the junction before the Grüneggbach (stream), the trail then goes in serpentines down to the Jausenstation Grünegg (resting point). After a recommended rest, the route leads on a paved road, under the small cable car, down to the main road, on which it is only a short distance into the village. We now ride through the mountain village of Dienten towards Hochkönig. At the upper end of the village, turn right over the bridge, through the Ski Centre / Tourist Information building and up a narrow paved road. Once we arrive at the federal road, a rugged panorama of the Hoch König lies before us. Turn right onto the main road, which we leave again after approx. 300 m and turn right up the road towards Bürglalm. This forest road leads, while crossing the lift tracks, serpentine-like up to the Bürglalm pasture (approx. 500m altitude are overcome). Trail Tip: At the Bürglalm, the Flow-Trail Hochkönig, newly laid in 2018, also starts – is 4.9km long and S1 difficulty level. From Dienten, you can take the Bürglalm cable car back to Bürglalm. This bike transport is also available for the Watzmann-Hochkönig circuit!


The following route to the Wastlhöhe is then somewhat flatter. At the Summit to the Wastlhöhe with its peak cross, we pass to the left or the mountain station of the Zachhofalmbahn. Behind the mountain station, we take the narrow gravel path (Warning: hikers!) down and continue to the Sunn-Hütte (cabin) (Sunnhüttl) which is equipped with a large photovoltaic system. Behind the cabin, the route goes up to a reservoir, turns to the right towards the Dacheggbahn and then again right onto a gravel road which leads down to the Tiergartenalm (cabin). Thereafter, yet again steeply down to the Hochkönig federal road. On this, continue to the right approx. 4 km to the town of Elmau. After the town, we turn left into the woods (way is locked with a chain plate and a dead end sign). The route leads now flatly to the Schrammbach (signposted with bright green signs "mountain bike trail"), and up to a power plant. 350 m upwards, we then turn left and after about 800 m we reach a paved road, by overcoming the wooden steps, where we turn right and continue to the sports hall Hoch König and the Mandlwandstrasse. On this (road to the Arthurhaus) turn left, cycle 300 m upwards and then turn right onto the forest road. Now, we ascend the next 10 km to the Gainfeldbach (Gainfeld), at first relatively parallel to the slope, and then slightly steeper down to the Gainfeldbach. After crossing the creek, we bear right, where we arrive at the Mayerlehengut, after the gate, reach the paved road again which leads us down to Bischofshofen. Via the Hochköniggasse and the old federal road, we finally reach the centre of Bischofshofen. User
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Updated: September 23, 2019

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554 m
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54.7 km
11:27 h
1900 m
2050 m
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