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Johannesbachklamm Würflach


Johannesbachklamm Würflach


Bila lord

09.07.2018 · Community
Very nice tour to do on a sunny day. It is not far from Vienna (~1h drive) and the hike can easily take the whole morning/afternoon if you take your time. We have finished it in ~5h with making several pause to appreciate the scenery and have a pic-nique. I advise to do the tour using the clockwise direction, as a matter of fact, when taken the other way, the start slope can be very exhausting for beginners. As when taken clockwise, the tour finishes with a nice descent back to the hutte, which is very enjoyable! Bring long pants as the road in the forest has quite high grass with some stinging plants that can hurt you.
Gemacht am 07.07.2018
Foto: Bila lord, Community
Foto: Bila lord, Community

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